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How Is Figure Skating Scored? | Show Me | NBC News

New rules used to score figure skating requires that judges create two different sets of scores, multiplied against varying factors, averaged and then added together.
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How Is Figure Skating Scored? | Show Me | NBC News


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  1. What is the difference between short program and free skate?

  2. I almost did to laughter with the costume violation animation

  3. I needed that… i didnt know anything about it:-(

  4. This is so inaccurate. Now days scoring is based of who u r and if ur Russian and if they judges have been bribed to give u high scores. That how it’s actually judged now day. R.I.P. ISU

  5. nice animation but the explanation is not so clear and accurate

  6. The only answer to that question is "WRONG".

  7. What about the scores for the long program or doesn't that go along with the free skate?

  8. The animation of the triple axel made her jump anti-clockwise and yet land on her left foot.

  9. They almost got it right for the technical score.
    the whole +3 to -3 thing does not mean add 3 points (for +3) or lower 3 points (for -3) from the base score for each element. 

  10. It doesn't matter how the scoring system is set up.  Judges can find the ways to beat it like what happened in Sochi.

  11. I always wondered how they judged. 

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