Thursday , August 11 2022

How Possible Is Thomas' Request To Re-Evaluate Contraception, Same-Sex Marriage Cases?

Justice Clarence Thomas, in a concurring opinion to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, called on the court to do away with the “substantive due process” doctrine and reevaluate decisions in previous cases on same-sex marriage and contraception. NBC News’ Danny Cevallos explains how the court could carry this out. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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How Possible Is Thomas’ Request To Re-Evaluate Contraception, Same-Sex Marriage Cases?


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  3. Why that old man look so angry lol

  4. Let’s go Thomas get the country on normal terms

  5. This crap doesn't effect me

  6. Black men ( in case Thomas hasn't noticed, he is black) used to get lynched for marrying white women. And yet he wants to turn back the clock. Sounds crazy to me.

  7. YES THOMAS !!!!! KEEP MESSING WITH THE DEMOCRATS !!!! ( it will help us come together for midterms !!)

  8. Regarding Justice Thomas' call to revisit several other important Supreme Court decisions, how about we revisit Justice Thomas' multiple, GLARING conflicts of interest instead?

  9. If Thomas is going to attack the Constitution I guess the 2nd amendment can be eliminated as well. Those republicans that committed perjury during their confirmation hearings claiming Roe V Wade has been tested and precedent law will have to be impeached. Thomas's wife will have to go before the Jan 6 committee for taking part in the insurrection and face charges.

  10. So these people have the real power a president don’t lol

  11. It’s like the government wants you to hate them

  12. He just wants to return certain decisions/power back to the states.

  13. Thomas—just like his idol and mentor, whatsis name—has no empathy. He cannot ‘feel’ any embarrassment, or, needless to say, he cannot feel for all those Americans whose hearts he has broken and whose faith in him he has crushed. Thomas is quite possibly very proud of himself for being such a fully functional clown on the national stage. Remember this from The Clown College: ’Whether he’s being laughed at or being booed, a clown is always funny!

  14. This is what happens when you let a few idiots make decisions for millions, democracy? Idiocracy….

  15. Thomas is an evil, evil man.

  16. Of all the things I hate in the world, I hate a hypocrite the most. Maybe the court needs to revisit Loving vs Virginia?

  17. Thomas is a raper should not leave man to force nothing upon woman’s

  18. Clarence Thomas needs to focus his attention on rewriting the constitution to consider Black Americans as whole human beings instead of 3/5's of a man. How many decades has he been on that bench? Or maybe his colleagues may consider that as a loop hole and ease him right on out of that robe. Per the doctrine, he's still considered as being 3/5's of a man, so that would mean 2 other Black Americans would have to be added to the bench to equal one person. There aren't anymore seats left to fill, so maybe that's why Mr. Thomas hasn't spoken out about it, that we know of. Job security. IJS

  19. Take away condoms Republican Party supreme Court Justice Nazis,go for it, and then every man in the USA, gets a. STDS and monkey pox and zombies virus, good idea, destroy the USA ways of life and completely end the future of the Republican Party by not using the condoms.
    Great idea Nazis Cult QAna church pastor's supreme Court Justice following the instructions of the Nazis Satan churches of the young Republican Party, you the USA supreme Court Justice, take your instructions from a group of NAZIS Russian Spy church pastor's and the USA people. Completely. Lose.

  20. Good idea, supreme Court Justice, c Republican Party, take away the using of rubbers

  21. So let me get this right. A man who according to The Bible can be held slave is using the Bible as a guide to legislate against the rights of tax paying Americans. You can't make this up!

    However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you.  You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land.  You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance.  You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way. (Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT)

  22. You have to wonder why put this far right psychopath on the Supreme Court … he has the recent clowns 🤡 selected by trump have permanently damaged the reputation of a once great court. They are no longer relevant

  23. Coonservative Clarence Thomas

  24. Stupid question coming from a stupid reporter!
    If he overturned one Constitutional amendment, what is there to stop him from overturning more?

    There is no system in place to stop this from happening!

  25. How possible is it that him and his wife get locked up for vote tampering

  26. Strike down the 13th amendment. Let's clean up America.

  27. at least I don't live at 6665 Rutledge Drive, Fairfax Station Virginia 22039

  28. Ha ha usa needed a law to legalise contraception. Contraception was illegal. Just think about it. What a backward nation usa really is.

  29. Take one look at Clarence Thomas and his wife and that's contraceptive enough

  30. Clarence Thomas is the greatest living American.His courage to follow the constitution and give back to the states the power our pathetic federal government has usurped will be treated very kindly by history.

  31. I wouldn't doubt Republica are just frothing st the mouth thinking how can get get the government more into the people lives. I thought they wanted less government but now they want the government to come into your bedroom and tell you what you can and can't do in the sanctity of your own God dam house.

  32. Take away contraception? Thomas is clearly unhinged and being paid to do this by the right. He’s corrupt. He needs to be investigated tried and convicted of abuse of power. Get him OUT!!!!

  33. Thomas ..the scowl on his face….this dude hate himself….his race…

  34. He is consistent in states handing anything not in the constitution. Excellent. In new York you can do as you deem fit. Alabama can do as they deem fit. You can move

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  36. In order for the supreme Court to decide a case, somebody has to file a case on a federal question, I believe. They can't just arbitrarily decide that they are going to review past decisions. Someone is going to file a case and it's going to be appealed to the supreme court, we just don't know when