Wednesday , December 2 2020
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How Section 230 Could Change The Internet As We Know It | NBC News Now

ASLawmakers want to change how Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act want to change how the law works, affecting how content is moderated online. So what exactly is Section 230? NBC News’ Jane Timm explains.
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How Section 230 Could Change The Internet As We Know It | NBC News Now


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  1. The only ones getting radicalized by the internet are trump supporters. They need to be silenced specifically not everybody

  2. There is a bias against conservatives and republicans.

  3. Noahide Law is on it's way~ Usury today… Economy gone tomorrow~ Snake Santanyahu… Trump trumped America… Both Democrats & Republican puppets of many are all in the same loot… PHARONIC ENSLAVEMENT… For decades to build a 401k that took a lifetime… Only for TRUMP to THREATEN AMERICANS if we don't vote for him he's going to ERASE our 401k's! DID ANYONE PICK UP ON THAT?

  4. Republicans may be many things, conservative is not one of them.

  5. I have a hard time wrapping my head around those offended so deeply by comments. Maybe its an age thing? As I listened to this, I sarcastically imagined someone sitting on a public toilet, and freaking out by all the scribble written on the walls in the stall. Not mocking someone's pain, but regulating what harms people is a diverse list.

  6. Russia’s ‘Nuclear Titanic’ Floating Power Plant Is Setting Sail Toward Alaska.

  7. Not a good idea. Give them an inch, they’ll take a mile.

  8. Wait 26 words does that mean there are 26 different words we are not allowed to use on line ? I don't think there are that many cuss words . If we use these words are they going to kick us off our favorite channels ? That would hurt my feelings . I'd better behave .how can I find out what those 26 words are .

  9. Okay I'm gOing to make a promise to my self right now . No more swearing . Or being Lind of threatening . Should I also ban the word hate from my vocabulary ? I'm not sure about that one. But I promise to make an effort to stop swearing as of today , Sept 3 2019
    Tracy DuPree

  10. Of course Dems want regulation. They know what's best for you !!
    Don't like what you're seeing ?? Swipe !!
    No matter what kind of speech you call it , 1st A takes presidence.
    This law is all that is needed to serve the public interest.

  11. I started writing HTML as soon as the white paper on it came out. Before browsers existed we had message boards, which were mostly populated with technical stuff. But, if the internet becomes highly censored, the content highly moderated, those message boards will return. And rather than be filled by nerds like me, they will be filled by the radical haters.

  12. Martial Law in amerikkka.

  13. Is it like section 8? 😆🤣😂. Won’t be worth a dayum if so

    Imma go make a fake account with a bunch of bad stuff, then post it on my current site – and I won’t be held responsible. Makes sense.

  14. If section 230 cuts down on trolls , then great. But if it censors legitimate opinion , not great. Hate speech , homophobia & profanity directed at another should be treated as spam.

  15. Kids these days all just want to “netflix and chill” and my grandkids can’t even sit down to Sunday supper without looking at their PHONES. The INTERNET is the DEVIL’S WORK. It says so right there in the Bible!

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