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How 'Siegfried and Roy' changed Las Vegas forever | Nightline

The world-renowned performers discussed performing together for over 40 years, living with their iconic white tigers and lions and the 2003 incident in which Roy Horn’s tiger nearly killed him.



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  1. Glad they are able to live with beautiful animals God bless the whole world.

  2. No matter how bonded humans think they are with wild animals, the chance of the wild coming out is always there. Roy just wan't ready for it. This reminds me of Grizzly Man, the man who thought he was so bonded with grizzly bears that they would never harm him, and they ended up killing him (and his wife if I'm not mistaken). Unfortunately it was captured on camera. Later a film was made based on the incident, Grizzly Man.

  3. The best trick they ever did was on each other. Siegfried made his penis disappear inside of Roy. Disgusted by years of what they were forced to witness, the Tigers conspired to kill Roy in 2003.

  4. i LOVE conspiracy theories. doesn't mean i believe them all but i love them. the S&R conspiracy theory is as follows. FYI it's not mine: Roy Horn died several months before this incident from an undisclosed illness while on holiday is his native Germany. Steve Wynn is so wealthy (at least he was then) and S&R were such money makers for Mr. Wynn that he did not want to give up the show. he quietly assembled a small specialized team to scour Bavaria/Austria/Germany region to find a replacement. they did, and he happened to be Roys second cousin. this is the man who was attacked not the actual Roy Horn. there was some cosmetic surgery and training for the show, but the animals knew the difference, especially Montecore who spent so much time with Roy both in and out of the show. a misstep by the not yet ready for the stage imposter Roy led to the incident. before the search for Roys replacement there was a funeral for Roy attended by Steve and Elaine Wynn, Siegfried, and Shirley MacLaine, while a small special forces level security team kept watch. the only others who know the truth were either bribed or threatened by Steve Wynn's private security force to remain silent. they are the doctor who declared the death, the local coroner, and the funeral director

  5. What a stupid guy. So stupid its staggering.

  6. Why is this weird m-f*ker wearing opaque sunglasses? And when you see these royal Bengal tigers in the wild, you realize what a shame it is that these bastards use them as Vegas props.

  7. I thought those dudes got killed by a tiger long ago…

  8. Roy Harner is totally fucked up now, the kitty bitty.

  9. Sangfried is lying, Montecore was tired of being treated like a domestic cat locked up in some circus. He intentionally attacked tha gay dude to teach him some manners.

  10. Sangfriend and Ray are as queer as a 3 dollar bill/

  11. First dude to be white tiger food live. Everyone was buying tickets to see it and finally it happened! release wild animals they aint your pets!

  12. Sit down dude. You’re making the lady nervous.

  13. Those poor majestic animals….look what they turned them into!….

  14. Took bad I never got to see their show

  15. "Deutsche Perfektionismus" once they traveld to the State in a big ship as "Tellerwäscher" and through hard work made their "American dream"come true.

  16. creepy. a very 20th century ideation, and identity . a bit monstrous.

  17. You can take the animal out of the wild but you sure as hell can't take the wild out of the animal. That boundary must always be respected because it's genetic.

  18. Here's a magic trick they can perform: have the unethical animal acts disappear for good!

  19. Why oh why do people think it’s somehow cool or stylish to wear sunglasses inside! If I see it on an older person I think ‘yeah…trying to hide crow’s feet’ just accent you’re getting older, had a good life and are happy in your own skin.

  20. "You know, we’re having a party tonight…"

  21. I can tell they really love each other. 💙

  22. When you do clownery shit💩 💀 the clown comes out to bite you. Animals are to be respected and when that's not being done, even they know it. And do what animals do , no one should have to die like that.

  23. Yeeeeaaaah buddy. Lightweight baby.

  24. I always wondered are they gay lovers ☕️

  25. It took me a full 50 seconds to realize this wasn’t a joe rogan clip

  26. ^^^^ Look at all the morons commenting on what position they came to this post instead of commenting on the post itself! You can bet these losers never get laid!

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