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How the Odessa, Texas, shooting unfolded | USA TODAY

Odessa Police chief breaks down shooting timeline in Odessa and Midland, Texas

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The gunman who killed seven people and wounded 25 more in a shooting rampage along a west Texas highway Saturday had previously failed a gun background check, but authorities have not yet said how he obtained the firearm he used. “Not only did the Odessa gunman have a criminal history … he also previously failed a gun purchase background check in Texas,” Republican Gov. Greg Abbott said in tweet Monday. Abbott added that the shooter did not go through a background check for the firearm used in the shooting.

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  1. u.s pepuls dogs …….. gans mandals

  2. wowww traffic violation turn terminator movie so realllll

  3. We can end these a lot faster have like an amber alert system the gives the location of the douchebag. Problem solved

  4. Reading these comments, I don’t want any of these country-ass mongoloids owning deadly weapons, they sound like a bunch of jailbird convicts. I sure hope they’re Millennials, because they have serious mental issues if they’re adults.

  5. I’m sitting here reading the stupid wretched comments of white male Texas gun owners, defending gun ownership after another brutal massacre, and I am reminded Once Again that this entire group of people is No Good. Take their guns away? No, throw Leg Irons on them and have them break up rocks in prison. Their crime? Being Assholes!

  6. I get angry, I don't go kill people, anger was a catalyst that awaken something really sick and rotten that already existed inside him.

  7. The cop announcing stuff needs some public speaking classes.

  8. How convenient…all these mass shootings coming close to the next presidential election. Many people are dying because the democrats are scheduling these murders. Where are the Texans that are so proud to be able to carry a gun to protect themselves and their families with? It's not over with folks. Not by a long shot. The killing is going to continue until WE THE PEOPLE get tired of it and put a stop to it. Don't count on the police, they can only come in after the fact. The only thing thats f*cked up in Beto O"Rourkes head is…well, his head. This guy aint got no balls to stand up to the leaders of the world like President Trump has, and it's obvious. TRUMP 2020. Or watch our jobs, economy, and retirements tank.

  9. Gunman should still be alive and enjoying his beautiful life!

  10. Background checks wont stop anyone….This gunman did not pass his background check and he got a gun anyway…the laws do not stop crazies…thugs and criminals…the mass shootings are not Gun Issues but Mental Health Issues

  11. Wait so what would he have done if the cop didn't pull him over?

  12. What happened to the thread where "The Duck" and I were having a serious discussion about gun control? No one was seriously insulted and we were going somewhere with it.

  13. I didnt know one of the avengers worked with texas police!!!!!

  14. All my AK47s are laughing at the gun control people. I told them "hey fellas, chill, give folks some time to greive, damn" but they wont listen. Dont take it personal, they arent insensitive, they just get a little rowdy sometimes, thats all. Itll pass. Ill take em out to shoot a few hundred tracer rounds at gas cans and propane tsnks this weekend, that should help calm them down.

  15. greg abbot work for the NRA he is part of the shooting

  16. The Texas Police didn’t want to release the Odesa terrorist’s name, but as soon as Seth Ator’s name was eventually released publicly, all of his social media profiles were already deleted. The Odesa police are trying to hide his background. Prior to his terrorist act, he aimed an assault rifle at his neighbor and threatened to kill her, and he didn’t even get arrested. But if a black man aimed a gun and threatened to kill someone, he would’ve been locked up. So yet again, a Republican Trump supporter committed another terrorist act, just like the El Paso shooter, New Zealand, Mother Emanuel church in SC, etc. If Seth Ator was black, Middle Eastern, or an immigrant, you already know the US government would use all their power to prevent this from happening again 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Luckily they want to take guns away from the other 99.99% of the population who does nothing wrong.

    The NCVS (administered by the BJS) has estimated 60,000 to 120,000 defensive uses of guns per year.

  19. According to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime's International Homicide Statistics database,
    The United States ranks 83rd in intentional homicides per 100,000 people.
    The media hype about mass shootings exists ONLY to scare you into giving up your constitutional rights.

  20. The assertion that guns have no part in the perpetration of violence is absurd.
    Terror from the Right There are currently 1,000 Plus hate groups operating in the United States. Neo-Nazis, Klansmen, white nationalists, Neo-Confederates, racist skinheads, border vigilantes and others. Check out the Hate Map

    Angry White Male Terror in US More Deadly Than Jihad Since 9/11

    Biggest Threat on U.S. Soil: Domestic Right-Wing Extremists

  21. Let me see if I can predict the future. Red flag may become law in Texas ….so anyone who don't like it will be called constitutionalists and a nut job and lose their guns …that's the majority of the white man….that's why I keep seeing the race comments in these posts. Blaming the white man.

  22. Motive the loser is dead .simply put he snapped u cannot prevent this from happening .Sad situation but probably trying to reach out for help by calling 911 from his place of employment

  23. I was taking a nap when the news broke. As I was waking up listening to the information the local news was recieving. As I realized the severity of the situation I got up as my family all gathered to weigh in on the actions transpiring. Now at the time we were hearing news about multiple shooters so my thought was, "this is politically charged or motivated".
    We discussed our thoughts questioned the information we had recieved, damned the actions and hoped for quick resolve. Nobody was still for more than a few seconds.
    I moved rooms as we had seperate news channels in seperate rooms I heard sirens whale just outside and ran outside to see what was going on. I noticed 5 local police crusiers and saw one police officer make his way down through our street I was shielded by the house and the officer yelled at my neighbor to get inside. He never saw me as i was shielded by my house. Bare in mind we live in a culdesac.
    Curious membersof my family gathered around the front door as i told them what i saw and heard we followed suit.
    About 7-12 officers blocked off the neighborhood and cleared it within minutes.
    At one point a few officers tookoff in dead sprint towards their vehicles. We watched through the window and I opened the front door briefly to see. I stepped outside after the officers cleared my house and their view of me.
    Sirens flared all throughout the community and news ramblings continued as the scare shook our community.
    I saw local PD and State trooper rush back away from our neigborhood and assumingly towards the next feared threat.
    I never questioned the safety of our neighborhood because nothing ever seemed out of place.
    Meanwhile a mail lady laid down losing her life just 15-20 blocks away near my siblings middle school.
    This man rampaged through our city shooting 20 plus people killing 7 I believe.
    One dead a 15 year old highschool student. Another shot was a 17 month old sweet baby girl who lived if im not mistaken.
    Our community was terrorized becayse one man couldn't keep his emotions in check.
    My only point being, raise them up.
    Raise your children up to respect and value human life and to understand the consequences their actions leave on this world.
    It doesnt end with an argument about guns but it does start with how our children are taught to understand the value in a human life.
    I pray you are safe whenever you are and hope we all have better days ahead.
    God speed and God bless.
    Be kind.

  24. This is truly a sad story and I feel for all of the families impacted by this. However, I'm sure tired of all of these stories about mass shootings and about what Trump and the Republicans are NOT going to do about them.

  25. This was probably the most painful speech I ever watched

  26. What does he say when he calls police and FBI?

  27. Some dumb ass had more guns and ammunition than brains and articulation!. Big surprise? Mental illness? Wow! How come none of this surprises me anymore?

  28. We’re 50 years behind having responsible gun laws on the books due to gun owners that don't care!!

    Give the below 10 years and it will clean up the mess that’s been going on for a 100 years!!

    1.) Title all the damn weapons and require title transfer with background checks before guns can exchange hands.

    2.) Require all but 1 weapon be locked up in a gun safe for storage.

    If you get caught with a non-titled weapon it's 20 years in prison.
    If you get caught not storing your weapons in a gun safe you get 10 years in prison and both offenses will cost you the right to own a weapon the rest of your life.

    That's how we limit weapons getting in the wrong hands and knowing who shouldn't have weapons in the first place!!! If you haven't done anything wrong you shouldn't have a problem titling weapons or locking them up in a gun safe….most that have a problem are the ones who know they wouldn't qualify to keep weapons due to something they've done and would end up in prison!!

    Criminals get their weapons from gun owners……so when a gun owner uses the excuse….criminals will always get weapons….they're talking about themselves being irresponsible gun owners and allowing criminals to access weapons that were sold to gun owners. We don't have a flood of weapons coming into this country…..we have a flood of weapons exchanging hands in this country either by selling them or by them not being locked up and their homes being broke into and the weapons stolen.

    Guns were made to kill things…….period!! If you want to play stupid and act like they're not…..only person buying into that would be another stupid gun owner that doesn't want to help stop the senseless gun deaths in the US..
    I own weapons…but enough is enough…. we CAN do something about this issue as gun owners….but the majority choose not to and to me that is selfishness….straight out!!
    Here's some good reading on children finding guns at home laying around…..for those of you that clearly don't care but want their gun rights not messed with!!

    A Gun Owner!!

  29. this guy is a horrible story teller 0/10

  30. These shootings are getting annoying, everytime I go into a place with a crowd, I start thinking this could happen here and then I end up going back home.

  31. Is this guy the best spokesperson you all have? Holy shit, this guys a mess.

  32. beginning of sarows time to get rite with the man up stairs if you catch my drift .

  33. Obama called hrc who talked to soros who the reptillian royals who child trafficking called nxvium who mexico that you get it the roots are so deep in the rabbit hole we are woke AF! #deepstatemustdie

  34. Great job harassing ppl for not using a turn signal.

  35. I bet the EEOC was in this this but they wont tell you that !

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