Thursday , August 11 2022

How The Supreme Court Ruling Overturning Roe v. Wade Is Dividing Americans

As the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade sinks across the country, the historic ruling is dividing Americans who both support and oppose abortion rights. NBC News’ Maura Barrett breaks down how Americans on both sides of the issue are reacting and how the decision is impacting people’s outlooks on other rights protected through Supreme Court decision. 

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  1. Any American that does not actively go out and vote against all GOP candidates at both State and Federal level in the midterms and thereafter are going to be responsible for finding themselves living in a fascist state lifted straight out of the pages of Margaret Atwood’s novel “A Handmaids Tale” before they know it and that goes for every single American over the age of 18 in every single State in the US. Not voting is so utterly irresponsible in today’s America.

  2. What would've been next? Murdering your child up to a certain age because being a parent is just too dreadful?

  3. And no one is talking about a woman's responsibility to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Plus d entire debate is sexist cos the US of A does not know what a woman is. So how does this endanger an undefined woman? Silly.

  4. It's not right what happened. And I think it is very interesting that when I look at all the large news media web sites, really like the top main four that I visited today, the protests over this simply…does… not… really… matter to them. I see huge coverage of the "Jan 6" testimony.. Who cares about that! Nothing will happen in the end of all of that testimony, stick a fork in it.. It's DONE. Doesn't all these issues that REALLY MATTER are simply getting ignored? The over turning of Roe vs wade, gas prices, inflation and I keep seeing food shortages again being reported by people in certain areas of the U.S.A. I am not a huge fan of the past President at all, but can someone out the tell me that we, as a Nation is better off now? Anyone?

  5. When you are standing overlooking a cliff, you definitely do want to "take a step backwards".

  6. If “liberals”/communists and demoncRATs are so interested in “democracy” and as they always say they are the majority, WHY ARE THEY AFRAID TO LET “DEMOCRACY” WORK (ie let the people vote on it state by state)?

  7. Now that the CO is on the way out, they need a new way to keep people divided.


  9. We were all ready divided on this issue. Nothing has changed other then the life side actually is starting to win victories.

  10. americans were never united over the issue of abortion; the court was correct to send the issue back to the states. the constitution does not provide a right to abortion. the wrong has been righted.

  11. Step backwards? More like we turned around and just started sprinting backwards for like a couple of miles.

  12. The Supreme Court, finally getting back to humans making decisions, doing the job they were nominated to do. Constitutional law. Communists cannot pick and choose the laws they support. The Constitution is 235 years old, as old as Ruth was when she was sent back to her father, satan.

  13. The ‘divide’ consists of myopic pleasure seekers on one side and common sense moralists on the other. The former is a noisy angry group living in dreadful fear of their own consciences. ❌

  14. The country was divided the moment our fore fathers created the two party system. This decision has made every Supreme Court decision worthless and changeable at the discretion of the current regime's politically opinionated stance. when the SP has a Dem majority seat RvW will be overturned again. A SP decision is supposed to be the final decision unless new evidence is entered into the equation that drastically changes the previous case. There was none.

  15. Are Pro Lifers Conscientious objector?

  16. This is absolutely insane. It’s what you get for voting for a criminal like trump. Now there’s going to be unwanted children that might not be able to be cared for then those having to help pay for their care will complain. Now there’s talk of banning birth control. America is moving back to the dark ages.
    Religion should remain separate from state cause this is what you get.

  17. Baby Lives Matter. 👊

  18. The polls don’t mean squat. What did the polls say when Roe was fist decided in 1973? People will come around to a more CONSTITUTIONAL government.

  19. If a pregnant woman is murdered should the murderer be charged with double murder?

  20. Most people don’t even care. Hispanics are pro life. Democrats are crazy if they think this will bring people out lol


  22. I’m so oppressed! I doesn’t accept with sexism and misogynistic! 🖕🏻🔥😡🔥🖕🏻

  23. The Dobbs decision could have banned abortion in the US if you look at its logic…so the pro choice crowd should be thankful for that. The Constitution leans more toward banning abortion than it does toward providing a right to abortion.

  24. The answer is it is just a tip of the iceberg. The question is why bipartisanship in the US government divides the United States?

  25. This will keep women in check. Great decision!!! Woo-hoo!!

  26. abortion is legal up to 23 weeks as woman have to think about it first that takes a long time

  27. Yeah because it's not like you guys didn't do more than your fair share in dividing America before Roe v Wade was overturned.

  28. This whole thing is disgusting and makes me feel sick! Forget what your political affiliation is, people have their own opinions across the board. All I hear is immature childish people screaming "pro life or pro abortion" What needs to happen is mature discussions regarding this in-depth subject and we all need to understand that compromise is the key from all sides. This is 2022, and people should be better informed about how life is created and understand that some sort of safety guidelines need to be in place. This should be common sense and be applied on all major issues. I also have first-hand experience on this subject before you say anything.

  29. FAKE NUMBES lol its actually the opposite now stop being heffers and respect yo sself and take the consequences of your actions BOTH MEN AND WOMEN

  30. This great country has already been divided but i think there’ are many going toward the right.

  31. Give women back the rights that’s their body not yours Supreme Court

  32. Yes, Americans are divided by hypocrisy. Some women give the children to the government and send them to foster homes, where children are abuse. They go from foster home to foster home without caring for children at all. Teens are homeless because the parents kick them our of the home, as younger is 12. Now more undesirable kids are coming but the people that believe that abortion is bad and evil, but those people never give a child a good home or money to support children. They are pro-life also have religious believes, but they never care for children at all. Hypocrisy in their hearts.

  33. The trumplican party and their supporters will destroy America.
    Vote Democratic for a more civil society.

  34. "Abortion is a women's right" says those who believe that unborn babies are parasites.