Saturday , January 22 2022
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How The Trade War Has Changed Farmers’ Views Of Trump | NBC News Now

The Trump administration recently delayed more tariffs on China and it has greatly impacted the U.S. farmers. NBC News’ Vaughn Hillyard reports from Iowa, where he spoke to farmers about the trade war and how it has changed their views of the president.
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How The Trade War Has Changed Farmers’ Views Of Trump | NBC News Now


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  1. you elect a clown, u get a circus…looking to buy a farm cheep.

  2. and china is paying the farmers…..right

  3. Its a sore spot for them to take a handout from uncle sam when they are struggling to make ends meet but have the audacity to blame poor people for their general welfare. Most people don't even have a house that costs as much as their $200k+ tractors. Pull yourself up by the "bootstraps" farmers, because the banks are printing fake money anyways.

  4. "Call it whatever they want, but when they're needed, they're needed." Such philosophical thoughts about accepting help from the government in times of dire need. I wonder if he applies such compassion when he thinks about welfare payments in economically disadvantaged communities. Probably not.

  5. We getting reimbursed by the taxpayer's welfare of America. Something like food stamps.

  6. Welfare recipients, learn to make it on your own. I don't want my taxes going to this.

  7. You voted for a known Con Man reality TV star who has gone bankrupt 4-6 times and who told you he was the "king of debt". Surprise, you are now on welfare, about to loose your farm and if he has his way you won't have health care!

  8. Stop calling them "payments". Call them welfare checks cause that's what they are!

  9. Wondering if American farmers should go back to growing our organic vegetables and fruit. If the trade deal ends now. It will take 6 to 8 years to Bounce back if that. Fertilizer gone from 4000 to 6000. It’s just not farmers tho, it’s other manufacturing. Then thier are just regular folks that saw no tax cuts . Ask truckers. Thier taxes went from normal now paying $6000 more. MAGA lol I don’t think so. We were great til they arrived to sell us off make money off the government and scratch Russia back. No thanks…these folks got to go

  10. Stupid fools voted for Trump. They get what they deserve. All of rural usA should be run out of business and replaced with undocumented Mexicans.

  11. The older man is a freaking STAR.

  12. Lol… Trump was always a bad business man we told you all. He is fighting to hid his taxes because they will tell a more accurate story. You racist, narcissistic, farmers cut your noses off to spite your face lolololol now you are asking for welfare lololol noooo pull yourselves up with your boot straps.

  13. The US does look a little bit like the UK in the 1930s. Big strategic weapon advantage but little in reserve. Chinese Natsoc will give the democracies a run for their money.

  14. They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind. Old Testament Hosea 8:7

  15. LOL – it's called WELFARE. But hey, if taxes for the non-rich go up and deficit/debt goes up, no problem because Trump is giving us farmers money to survive.

  16. Still do not understand why farmers support Trump when the trade deal is about IP and non-farm product market access. It can only be explained that farmers are patriots but the problem is Trump is doing it for his selfish reason, nothing to do with being a patriot. The real patriots were those working on TPP that was suppose to the answer to China.

  17. Farmers got aid from government, isn't it socialism?

  18. Trump it's a man who still lives in 1970. He thinks the world economic is still the same as in 70's.

  19. Like most Americans, none of these people even understand the connection between the person they voted for and the effect it has on their daily life. They just like their trucks and their guns and their red hats.

  20. Market facilitation payment=socialist welfare from taxpayers
    Notice how PC Mr. Farmer was when it came to his own pig at the trough moment?

  21. Come on farmers, Navarro the Trumpie says any news of problems for farmers is essentially fake news. He denies that you're having economic problems right now. You are winning and just may not know it.

  22. Time for America and the EU to stop cheating on global trade in farm goods. Farm subsidies = CHEATING.

  23. China should look at itself and ask if its actions are friendly, peaceful and noble. On trade, it discourages opening its markets to other countries and charges tariffs on foreign products that it has trade surpluses with almost all countries that it deals with. It forces technology transfers without paying for intellectual property rights as requirement for foreign investments to come into China. It hacks computers of government agencies and big corporations to steal government secrets/policies, military secrets, business secrets and innovations. It subsidizes its exports to counter competition from other countries. It dumps its inferior quality products all over the world to destroy competition, and ultimately destroy industries in other countries. Whatever it earns in trade, it spends on its military so much so that they are now capable of controlling various sea lanes by constructing artificial islands in the South China Sea, militarizing the same, claiming sovereignty over them, and bullying smaller neighbouring countries into submission. It prevents fishermen from Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines from fishing within their exclusive economic zones, a right they had enjoyed for decades before China’s illegal patrolling in the area that started in the early 1990s. It lends out huge loans for infrastructure projects (like ports) to poor countries knowingly well that these countries could not repay them back, ultimately forcing them to forfeit ownership of such infrastructure projects to China. CHINA IS QUICKLY BECOMING A MENACE TO WORLD PEACE. The US and its allies should not only perform freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, but also censure China in the United Nations and reject its claim of sovereignty over 90% of the South China Sea.

  24. Just wonder why there's no celebrations between the farmer's and Trump ? Trump keep saying he's winning and winning and winning. And farmer's got their 16 billion and get to keep all their farm produce. Together they should celebrate.

  25. Trump has created good news for our farmers with the contracts between them Mexico and even Canada.
    If this takes a year or two it will make it's corrections. We have to at this time pay attention and understand
    the problem today with China was long in the making thanks to having Democrat lead in Congress for all
    too long. Trump will protect American Farmers. It will take a bit of time. All will work out.

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