Sunday , January 23 2022
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How This Young Hong Kong Student Is Fighting Back Against China | Think | NBC News

The mass protests in Hong Kong have spilled over to the U.S. as young Hong Kongers in cities across America have rallied to show their support for the protesters. THINK met up with Frances Hui, a college student from Hong Kong currently attending Emerson College in Boston, who explained what the protests mean for her and her Hong Kong identity.
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How This Young Hong Kong Student Is Fighting Back Against China | Think | NBC News


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  1. Ignorant dumb people who do not what they really fighting for. Their asking is not justified, unless by double standard per western media.

  2. The protests started because of the proposed extradition bill to China. Hong Kong has extradition bills with many other countries. How do they feel threatened by that?

  3. Why don't the Hong Kong Government just withdraw the extradition bill after all these riots? Shouldn't the government respect citizens' will and take their thoughts into account?

  4. Iran and Pakistan supports immigration to their countries for China . 爆炸新闻 。中东接纳所有抗议者和所有人民。

  5. How can you believe anything NBC says? How do you get rid of these reports from them anyway?

  6. I love China and I hope they will taste the freedom the HK people have experienced and the reason why they’re fighting now.

  7. Sent her to n.korea.. Little kid doesn't understand the world problem .. She just want everything good for herself… Life doesn't work that way in sorry

  8. if you are not happy look for a high building and jump and see how you can reach…remember life is not a bed of roses.

  9. 19 years old. she knows NOTHING.

  10. LOL a group of irrational dumb morons denies their ancestors
    British OPIUM dealer brain wash the dumb morons
    She is not even know that Hong Kong is part of China !

  11. Strangely enough, it is the TAIWANESE ENGINEERS who are content to PROFIT as MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES at the cost of continued POLITICAL OPPRESSION, which they conveniently get to escape with their Taiwanese and American passports, but are quite happy to SELLOUT not due to any "respect" for the Chinese govt or China but out of SHEER UNMITIGATED GREED. Anna Lee Saxenian writes in her THE NEW ARGONAUTS about the Taiwanese engineers' mass migration to the business center of Shanghai as one of the largest migrations of intelligentsia in the history of the world over the past several decades. They are there only for their own CAPITALIST GAIN, and human costs are of NO CONCERN to them. I know. My ex from Berkeley is one of them, and told me so in his own words, over dinner, in SF in 2010.

  12. This girl is dumb af lol even she knows the government won’t accept their request

  13. This is sickness to the stomach I can't imagine me as a Latin American supporting a regime like Venezuela but here you have Chinese support Communist China and not only that they have the audacity to protest in the U.S.A

  14. Hong Kong Stands Strong being communist isn't Chinese

  15. Frances Hui, stay in school and learn your country’s history!!!

  16. Must declare independence from the communist regime

  17. china bad usa uk germany japan good

  18. Hong Kong belongs to China. It is fact. I grew up there and I know.

  19. Such simple question, if you are born in China before switching your nationality to another internationally recognized country on the earth, then you are
    Chinese Hong Konger. What happen to Hong Kong education system or her IQ ? As a HongKonger, she supposedly should feel more proud than mainlanders, b/c Hong Kong is a city that has a great living conditions, business conditions and education conditions thanks to China government.

  20. You are shall be given a green card. Well done.

  21. I believe that the United Nations will eventually fall because of how they stand by idle and let governments do evil things to Humanity. The world can not be divided and have peace, so war is inevitable until the entire world is on the same page. Too many forms of slavery are going on in this world to respect the United Nations. Over the next two decades, thanks to the internet, the world is finally going to get a real taste of how ruthless China is. World War 3 may rock the earth before I'm dead.

  22. If you like USA's "democracy", immigrate to USA. Chinese government is not going to change the system for you, you may think you are so special, so big deal, so entitled, but for Chinese government, for the other Chinese, you are only minority. Government needs to take care majority. Typical "I" generation.

  23. Students, active, having the sense of freedom and willing to pay for it, but sadly being manipulated.
    They just too young and unexprienced to understand that theoretically great stuffs can be terrible in practice.
    Shame on those fooling the students for their own profit.

  24. those mother suckers Chinese communist should go back to china enjoy their brutal Chinese communist, why they stay in capitalistic countries? are they spy on us?

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