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HOW TO: Health journal + journal tour

When I started journaling, my life changed. I started losing weight, creating good habits, staying organized and productive, and become a happier more optimistic human. In this video, I show you how I made my health journal and to where to find aesthetic positive inspiration!

21 days of self love | Journal prompts: https://fiercelivyy.wordpress.com/2018/02/05/journal-prompts-21-days-of-self-love/

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  1. Hi guys! I really hope you guys found this journal video helpful <3 I made a 21 days of self love journal challenge that you can try: https://fiercelivyy.wordpress.com/2018/02/05/journal-prompts-21-days-of-self-love/   good luck, see you guys next week xx ♡♡

  2. Can you post a life journal tutorial and tips please☺️.Thanks so much,your videos are very inspiring💞.Keep going,you can do it❣️!Much love from London🇬🇧!

  3. Hi alivia I'm a gurl looking for change…. And I'm trying hard however i lose my momentum when i have my period….so i was hoping you would make a video of how to manage it

  4. Hi Alivia, im watching this after your glow up series, and you are inspiring so much, i started a diet 5 days ago and it has been really hard, but you are helping so much! Thank you! <3

  5. I really like the way you explaining your journal❤

  6. Gossh you're so inspiriiinnggg

  7. I am unhealthy today I ate
    2 Egg tarts
    7 Cookies
    Bacon chips
    Pizza pops

  8. 2:40 what does that sayyyyyy

  9. You do really inspire me to change my life for the better and I wanted thank you for that!

  10. thank you so much, so inspired me. i'll start my diet journal tomorrow

  11. Now I want to have your handwriting, lol.

  12. You should write a book! I’d definitely read it!

  13. Tbh, I’ve never thought of how I would want to look. I’ve always thought that it would never happen so I just took it out of my mind and thought, “I’ll try new things when I’m grown.”
    Or just not do it right then and there and just keep pushing it out of the way instead of trying it. This video actually made me think about who I really want to be. I always thought that if I changed, people would judge me and think “why would you do that? Who are you doing it for?” When really, I’m doing it for myself but I feel like they would think it would be a for a specific person. I’m kinda a shy girl in my school, so changing can be a struggle for me. But this video gave me inspiration to do this and make me think about who I want to be. Im going into 7th grade so, kinda young to think about this stuff huh? Yeah I know, but I don’t really think highly of my self so uh, yeah. I’ve already been doing workouts and facial cleansers and stuff but I’ve never really been determined to see the outcome and change. Now, I am. Thank you so much for this video, I really appreciate it!! 🙃😁

  14. I used to have my own journal and write poems but in the past year i’ve moved about 4x and in the midst of that i lost my journal and stopped keeping up with it. I really want to get back into that and I was looking for some tips on how to be more organized with my journal. I’m honestly not even sure why… but less than 2 mins. into the video & i’m already getting emotional. Thank you so much, I don’t know if you realize but know that you’re helping so many ppl. 💙✨

  15. This is amazing! I love how much positivity you are able to spread with your bullet journal and I especially like the "things that make me happy" page 🙂 I just uploaded my own video on different layouts I use to track/boost my mental health and doodling cute things in my journal is definitely one of them!!

  16. For the how to stop cravings I put ‘watch Alivia D’Andrea’ your a true inspiration

  17. U r so young n u inspire me in many ways i love u😭😭😭😭

  18. This video helped me so much to love my body and to change my life I love you for THiS thank you ☺️

  19. I love how helpful and inspirational your videos are!…I literally have no idea what to do on my journal but this helped me a lot…Also you are very well spoken and your words just keep me be productive and motovated!..You literally deserve more views than you already have!

  20. I feel like ill never be happy with my body. I am weirdly proportioned so even though I’m gaining weight, it’s only because I’m getting taller. I weigh 110 pounds, I’m 5’6 and I’m 13 so my legs are very skinny because I don’t weigh enough for my height:/

  21. Nobody talking about how good her handwriting is?

  22. I've been keeping a journal of my struggles just to vent out the stuff I experience ever since highschool. Then 3 years later I got into it again after cleaning my room! And for this video it gave me some inspiration on how to be a little more creative. Thanks Alivia 🙂

  23. You're incredibly inspiring and I'm so grateful I found you today. Thank you for everything you share with the world❤️❤️❤️

  24. I would want to try this but I have bad handwriting..

  25. anyone knows where is the video for how to do a food log journal?

  26. You're such an inspiration!!❤️

  27. Just wanna ask this. Did alivia end up with serious acne and less exercise in her routine AFTER her leg injury or before she started this channel. Its rlly confusing

  28. Watching your videos give me Michelle Phan vibes in a way. Your voice is soothing and encouraging and the music in the background really add to that aspect!

  29. This is what the body positivity movement should be: REALISTIC (by addressing both current physical and mental states and the ways to improve both) and being determinedly consistent to truly be good to yourself. Every day, small increments of improvement are still improvements and the best thing about them is they become accumulative.

  30. hi i was wondering do you keep this as your only journal or as a separate one?

  31. ayyyyeee 7:00 any other clikkies out there

  32. amazing video, thank you !!

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