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How to Lose Weight According to Your Body Type

Forget the old fruit-shaped body comparisons. Find out the four science-backed body shapes that accurately represent women’s bodies today.

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  1. Sigh!! Stop. Just skip this video and go straight to the guy he got this info from. Dr. BERG! He was going to be in the show, gave all his info, and then Dr.Oz peeps told him they were going in a diff direction. Dr. Berg knows it better and says it better. (YouTube: Dr. Berg body type. Just do it!)

  2. Here is a diet that is recommended for all body types. I have slimmed 5 kg in 3 weeks with this diet. Check it out @t

  3. Hey Guys this worked for me to lose weight ! It happend so fast it scared me ! Your welcome —

  4. Is m definitely the stress type

  5. the only thing stressing me is losing weight 😅

  6. is all you need to hit your weight loss goals

  7. Hi! I didn’t start losing weight until I read this amazing book on the right type of foods to eat. If you want the FREE book email me on yourbestlife1111 @ Gmail .com (minus the spaces). Reply with FREE E-book in the subject line and say “send me the free E-book” and I will send it over. It worked wonders for me!

  8. I'm the sugar and Estrogen type … 🤔

  9. Enormous Video!I really like it! It helped me a lot!

  10. I love eggs and banana pancakes. Lol. I’ve been eating them for a while. Dr Oz, what do you do when you’re all four body types?

  11. Dr is gives horrrrrrrible weight loss advice

  12. Why am i the one who falls in all 4 body type😤

  13. I have all of those fats so what about me

  14. Estrogen type here, and i'm a man -_-

  15. Been stressing out since I was in kindergarten, so I gained weight around my belly, it’s so stubborn I’m so sick of it … stress, anxiety and depression sucks

  16. Hey so I thought Id chime in as I'm a dietitian who works with clients who want to transform their bodies and I can tell you that there's no strong grounding to support the notion that any one diet is superior to another – especially in relation to body type. It comes down to calories in calories out guys 🙂 weight loss is simple on paper but it's when life happens that makes it hard to execute. I could go on and on with this topic but reach out if you have any questions regarding how to ACTUALLY lose weight sustainably and not by "sexy gimmicks". But yeah stick to the basics first

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  18. There is no need for crazy diets if you are using

  19. By summer time I'll be able to fit into my old swimsuit thatnks to

  20. Can't believe how well the shark tank keto pills from are working

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