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How To Lose Weight: The Real Math Behind Weight Loss

Want to lose weight, but aren’t sure how the math works behind burning calories and fat? Here’s how to lose weight based on the mathematics of burning calories, burning fat, and weight loss. Dr. Carson Chow explains what happens behind the scenes when you exercise and go on a diet to limit food and calorie consumption. The old rule of burning 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound doesn’t actually work in the long-run. Dr. Carson Chow explains a new rule for burning fat and calories and losing weight.

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  1. huhh all talk talk fat is energy in order to lose fat is to use the energy which mean you need to work out and diet is important because you dont want to feed the fat

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  3. Typical bullshit nonsense from another brain dead doctor just spouting off the same stupidity we have been hearing from the medical establishment since the 1970's before the obesity epidemic started.
    This moron is basically just rehashing the law of thermodynamics which we all know to be true, or at least anybody who understands science.
    This doctor is not explaining why we gain weight, or how to correct your metabolism.
    Just stating that if you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight is not explaining why we gain weight. It's just explaining THAT you will gain weight if you eat too many calories.

    Gaining weight is not just a matter of physics. There is a metabolic cause for weight gain.
    Animals gain or lose weight due to not just physical reasons, but metabolic ones.
    There is no causality in just redefining the law of theromodynamics.
    The real reason we gain weight is because of fructose consumption.
    Fructose, contained is sweet sugars, increases your appetite and lowers your energy level. It is an ancient reaction designed by nature to help survive the winter or famine.
    The way to lose weight is to eliminate fructose from your diet, bottom line.
    This doctor does not understand why we gain weight.
    Dr Richard Johnson, author of The Fat Switch, does.

  4. Awful Video! Wouldn't surprise me if this video went viral.

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  9. I managed to get my body to feel full when eating smaller meals (Because my meal servings used to be big) by adjusting reducing the amount of food on my plate and I've been eating the same size meals for the last four years.

  10. I hate this. Stop. A bitch aint got 10 years. Ill be dead by then

  11. Why don’t you explain this to me like I’m five

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  15. I dont want to imagine one pound of my own fatty flesh 🥺🥺

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  17. Make it simple and easy so people can understand it

  18. Shit, water is annoying but okay

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  22. What I took away from this was basically as you lose weight your metabolic rate will decrease so you either have to lower your calorie intake or exercise longer or both. Just try to keep track of your bmr throughout the process.

  23. 2:09 ouch "this large person I've been " ☹

  24. This is wrong in so many ways. I am 5 ft 8 in tall and was at my heaviest 242 pounds and i lost 62 pounds of fat in 50 days of fruit diet and mild walking. I took 500 calories a day. No cheat meals. And i am an aerospace technician so my work itself is an exercise.

  25. Calories are not the same
    calories ffs when are people gonna understand that

  26. fat lacks the nitrogen and no mechanism exists in the body to reconstruct fat into amino acids.

    And the reverse is also true: Your body can't turn muscle into fat, either.


  27. This is ridiculous… just stop counting calories and learn some fucking healthy eating habits like eating slowly, chewing and taking time… also some movement added to it…

  28. I agree with the better weight loss strategy to be slow and steady and take a good amount of time to do it, but most people won't do that. I don't agree with the part where he outlines the graph showing the decline of: "after one year I'd lose 52 pounds…after two years :104 and after 10 years : 500 pounds so that therefor the 3500 calorie rule is wrong"…because the fact is if you continue to eat less calories than your body needs you WILL continue to lose weight. People 'do' die from starvation after all. …..Here's the deal…if a person's body, based on age, height, and most importantly 'current weight' needs 2000 calories a day to maintain the current weight, and that person subtracts 500 calories per day, they absolutely will lose one pound in a week. But that person will eventually get to the place where their calorie intake matches up with their weight again (maybe this is what he is describing about the 500 calorie deficit system breaking down before you get to a year). But, at that point a person still wishing to lose weight would simply have to recalculate the amount of calories again that it takes for their body to maintain that current weight and subtract 500 calories from that. At some point a person would reach a place where it would be unhealthy to drop their calories any lower than 1000 to 1200 depending on that person's age and height and that's where the 'time' would factor in….meaning from there the person would have to bide their time at that 1000 to 1200 ( or whatever) calorie amount until they reached their desired weight ( and/or increase activity/exercise if that was a factor in the weight loss plan.) At the point of reaching the desired goal weight point a person could not go back to eating 2000 calories per day again or they'd gain all the weight back. I have read that at that point the best plan is to continue to watch your calories and add them back gradually. Start with 100 calories a day and do that for several weeks letting the body adjust gradually…and that slow increase over time will finally take that person up to the exact calories needed to maintain the desired body weight.

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