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How to opt out of online shopping tracking via social media

Customers may receive targeted ads geared towards what you’re clicking and where you’re physically going to shop due to a collaboration with Facebook to fuel retail growth.


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  1. Yeah it's time to cut internent use completely, Live on cash and go off the grid.

  2. 🌎 I shop in person like someone sensible

  3. Why's that lady carrying a puppy in the mall? 1:02

  4. They're spying on all of us and listen to every conversation in your house.

  5. don't ever give a retailer your email address! don't use the same email address you use for your credit cards with Facebook. same thing with Amazon keep stuff separate.

  6. GANDHI: Be the Change you want to see…and See that EPSTEIN DID NOT KILL HIMSELF

  7. I bought a set of 'guide pins' for my bench top Craftsman bandsaw from Sears Parts Direct. I then started getting ads for them on Facebook. after I'd already bought them. WTF?

  8. Thank you finally the stupid ads

  9. I shut down my Facebook account. Of course it doesn't shut off. But I don't go on it, because of the Russian propaganda disguised as real campaign adds, and super packs being able to publish slanderous propaganda about political opponents.

  10. Lies all lies. They are listening too. I’ve seen ads for things we talked about. Not store visits.

  11. I want to know how things I haven’t searched or physically looked at – just TALKED ABOUT RECENTLY start showing up on my phone!?!?

    It happened in a conversation with my mother on my cell phone about a gift for my sister I needed to look for, but hadn’t seen for a year or so – later that day I saw an ad in my feed??

    On the weekend, I was talking with my daughter about the recent string of packages being stolen and how there was an engineer on YouTube who rigged up a glitter bomb for his repeat package thieves police weren’t interest in catching.
    The next morning it was 3rd in line on my YouTube feed!!!

  12. Don't forget about the Fake people on Facebook that are from other countries  claiming  to be Americans, They are  causing propaganda against your favorite candidate.  The Advertisements are also false and misleading!  Your Best to boycott Fakebook for long time! Check out their investors, quite surprisingly not too many Americans there either.

  13. The best way to opt out, is to never opt in by joining/setting up accounts on social media in the first place… DUH!

  14. Getting ridiculous. Nothing is private or protected

  15. E.R.I.C CIA.R.A.M.E.L.LA
    (Without the dots my comment would be deleted)

  16. This was Project Zorgo members

  17. Can not believe you all fell for the fakebook scam.. Everything about you and your family etc has all been tracked and stored by AI…Pictures stored in
    Clouds and cameras and listening devices in your house monitoring every move and word.. Whats wrong with everybody these days???

  18. Why did you cover up the Epstein story ABC? Was it suggested by your convicted pedophile former vice president?

  19. It would scare you to know exactly what’s being tracked

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  21. Ghostery
    Ublock Origin
    Clear your history and cache every day

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