How to prepare for a possible government default

With just over a week until the U.S. is expected to hit its debt ceiling, a Democratic official is accusing House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of “refusing to compromise” with President Biden. NBC News’ Brian Cheung breaks down how the U.S.’s potential first ever default could impact the economy. 

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  1. I hope none of these things happen

  2. What can happen if theyres a government shutdown

  3. Yeah they run out of money when it comes to helping poor Americans but when it comes to helping Ukraine…somehow they have trillions of dollars saved up just for that.Funny isn't it?

  4. How to prepare how when you’re the 99% 😂this country is such a joke

  5. I am SOOOOO PROUD of Kevin McCarthy. I hope holds the line. These stupid dems need to take money from their evil ill gotten gains & pay the debt down themselves. I don't care if I have NO money! I hope he doesn't give Biden 1 penny, not 1 inch!!!!

  6. Cut all government and congress pay THEY NEED A HUGE PAYCUT.

  7. If you can financially and you know social security or EBT recipients, then help them deal with this buy starting them a small emergency stockpile of household/personal goods, food/drinks as in juices/water/shelf stable milk/etc… and a household first aid kit. Get them other emergency items of a solar generator system/extra clothing/headlamps with rechargeable batteries/etc…

  8. Revolution. If you want to stop this 💩.

  9. How can anyone on SSI have a rainy day fund! I'm fortunate to live in place I can afford with what little I get. Any other state no way I could pay rent, let alone utilities and food. Good grief. These politicians are set for life, they don't think twice about those of us barely surviving and on the benefits they are constantly threatening to cut off! Make the polititains live off social security instead of life time huge pay because they held a stupid position in office! See how fast they want to cut social security then!!!!

  10. 3:17 "the united states has always paid its bills"

    31 TRILLION dollars national debt has entered the chat…

  11. Want to cut spending? Takw all these cafeterias, food reimbursements, travel expenses etc away from
    These elected officials

  12. If your preparing now your too late. The better half of the country will be just fine.

  13. This is not about new spending. It's about paying what we have already spent.

  14. Nonsense
    . Social Security is protected from budget constraints.

  15. Eat less, hoard more, work until you fall. It's the Republican way.

  16. Why can't Biden cut spending?

  17. Take your necessary cash out of the bank this week before it is too late. NBC is telling you to put more into savings to avoid a bank run. Look out for yourselves, not the economy.

  18. Biden is racism, racism is Biden!!!

  19. Id prefer cutting the country in half. Let the Republicans get half and the democrats get half. Ill never cross the bounty into the democrat side…ever.

  20. “How to prepare?”

    Print money and send half of it to Ukraine, of course!

  21. I find it funny. Why are we doing it at the last minute.. it should of been talked about in the beginning of the year. Not a last minute

  22. Cut food stamps, I know several people at my workplace that sell them. $100 gets $200 in stamps. Cut it all.

  23. Cut the republican’s payroll 😂 .

  24. There won’t be a default, the government is going to put you even further in debt and Ukraine will get their money, don’t bother worrying.

  25. There will be NO DEFAULT!!!! Greetings from Australia 🇦🇺