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How to safely escape a flash flood l ABC News

ABC News’ Matt Gutman demonstrates what to do to escape a flash flood and the tiny decisions that can make a lifesaving difference.

LEARN MORE: https://gma.abc/2nwrV0a
Flash floods can quickly go from dangerous to deadly, and it’s vital to understand the best safety practices to evade and escape your worst water nightmare.

ABC News’ Matt Gutman went to Adventure Sports Center International in Maryland to do a live demonstration where experts shared step-by-step life saving tactics, paramount to staying safe if a driver gets caught in a flash flood or a dangerous storm.

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  1. Like I don't like flash floods

  2. Now show us the escape when the car is upside down & you have 2 kids in carseats

  3. Was this meant to be erotic? Cuz Matt really turned me on in this one for some reason. Maybe cuz he was soaking wet?? I dunno….😂🤣🤣 Turn Around Dont Drown

  4. I think the message here is to be mindful of your situation because the best way to manage risk is to see it as it emerges, and respond proactively by prioritizing first, whenever an emergency does arise. Good message!

  5. That’s why you drive slow so you don’t flood your engine or die idiots

  6. Thank you for sharing this educational possible life saving video.

  7. Thank you guys soo much for making this video

  8. so you should be driving around with life jacket on and safety harness on car ?

  9. But what are you suppose to do if you can't swim? Learn quickly I guess

  10. Thank you for your time spent on this well done video. I found this information helpful

  11. LOOOOOL Hiding that life jacket…

  12. you can’t take “safety precautions” in a flash flood so this “ example “ they made is not accurate , next video pls

  13. What about a mom who would have small children and or infants in the car with her.

  14. At 2:24 he said "you don't want to do at home" i am lost people 🤔

  15. What if this guy doesn't know to swim

  16. water would NEVER be sucked into the exhaust you idiots. it gets sucked in the air filter.
    that's why 4WD's have a snorkel

  17. Matt is a young guy and has all his faculties. I'm a 72 year old woman who is handicapped. What advice would you have for me? I do know how to swim. But it's a matter of will my legs work!

  18. Not gonna lie, that looked fun af 😂

  19. Won’t my phone be water logged so out of service?

  20. Thats crazy! Prayers for you all. I live in CA we only worry about earthquakes n planes falling

  21. Matt is cool 😎 dude for doing that.

  22. Matt was showing off for Gayle

  23. If the car is traveling in the same direction and you jump off the back, aren't you on danger of the car overtaking you?

  24. Don't drive through standing water.

  25. This brings back depressing memories of this girl I followed on twitter, she was updating us on hurricane Harvey unfortunately she and her family tried to escape but drowned on a flash flood.

  26. 03:18 water can be sucked into the tail pipe ? Seriously, are these reporters that stupid ?

  27. Best way to escape a flood is to drive through it and search for dry land or just wait for the water to dry up. If that doesn't work call Jake from State Farm.

  28. Each and every person who has found oneself in trouble is praying that some diversity hire is not who shows up. All of us without exception pray it is a team of white males that arrive.

  29. What if you can’t 🏊‍♀️ 😱😱😰

  30. Matt looks great in a wet t-shirt

  31. what are you supposed to do if you can't swim????

    Carlos F Morales Gómez
    Houston Texas

  33. Wow! I didn't know that at all, wow Slow claps 👏👏👏

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