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How to talk to your kids about gun violence | YouTube

Talking about acts of violence like mass shootings with your children is not easy. If you have to have that difficult talk, remember the four S’s.

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More than two dozen people are dead, one as young as 2, in two separate shootings in the U.S. within 24 hours.

Parents will be asked to explain the unfathomable to their children. In Dayton, Ohio, nine people, including the sister of the shooting suspect, died Sunday in an entertainment district. The suspect was fatally shot by police. In El Paso, Texas, a gunman is in police custody after his possible hate crime rampage left 20 dead at a busy Walmart.

What do you say? How do you begin?

The conversations aren’t easy, even though parents likely have been having them more frequently, with 251 mass shootings in 2019.

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  1. last time i took parenting advice from YooToob, my 4 year old came home rolling on molly and covered in glitter.

  2. Try teaching them gun safety instead of brainwashing them against them.

  3. aim for the Senter of mass and Shoot, Shoot and one more to make Sure!

  4. You don’t need too, they’ll find out the next time there is crazy white kid attacking their local school.

  5. this is a trash story . knee jerk over reactive garbage…. SHAME on you loser's putting this crap out.

  6. Explain the Tyler Wingate case too

  7. My daughter knows her Daddy carries a gun everywhere to protect her from anyone who may try to victimize her or our family…

  8. And to ensure the best communication use a voice not text .

  9. Damn, I can't believe that's a conversation to be held with your children. Unbelievable America. America is way too divided.

  10. I was Taught this at their age or Younger. Parents I understand want to kept their innocence, but I was told at 5 and 6 Years Old.

  11. Yea I understand the point, but what does even half of it means

  12. this comment section is gonna get sooooo meaty

  13. My channel is stuck at 364 subs it only takes 5 second to sub man please?😓

  14. Really sad that this is becoming a regular thing and more discouraged that the lives of children are at stake. If we want the world to change for the better it starts with us.

  15. Its sad that we actually have to talk to our kids about gun violence

  16. I talk to my kids about gun violence as I teach them GUN SAFETY 😉
    Gun use and safety classes should be mandatory for graduation in all 50 states!

  17. Love the vids USA hope u guys have a awesome day

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