How will the GOP fix Biden's border mess?

Rep. Dan Crenshaw R-Texas, discusses the Biden administration’s mishandling of the border crisis and how the Republicans will address the crisis following the midterm elections on ‘Varney & Co.’ #foxbusiness #varney

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  1. Well the 1st thing we need to do is stop the invasion.
    The GOP could get a plant called a "gimpy-gimpy" in Australia. Have farmers plant a field of these on the north side of the border.
    This plant covers itself with a toxin that you NEVER want to touch and you should avoid it completely. Merely getting it on your skin will give you unlimited pain.

  2. Mayorkas is a TRAITOR.
    He must be fired, and never be allowed ANYWHERE near our government again.

  3. Make no mistake and don’t get sidetrack with hope. The GOP is not going to take any significant action for any of the issues we are all dealing with. Only a select 3 or 4 Republicans do the heavy lifting for the rest. The GOP is more interested in holding hearings because they think that appeases the rest of us. The subjects of the hearing admit to everything wrong that they do and then what happens…nothing. The problem is that the GOP is too interested in the lifestyle that their position affords them and they like the armed security and limousine rides with cars in front and cars in back. That is why we won’t see anything get done. The media however loves to make it seem like some action will take place but that’s because they want viewership. Sounds bleak but look at the history and how Hillary and Schiff, dominion voting system and the social media companies keep doing what they do and not a word or action from the GOP

  4. Arizona and Texas should combine their efforts and finish the wall ; what is Biden going to do about it : "Nothing"! And secure each and every square foot with people who care about border security.

  5. Kamala: "We believe remain in Mexico is the appropriate policy."
    Reporter: "Isn't that a Fetterman like flip flop?"
    Kamala: "No, we were committed to send migrants to Mexico. That's why these 50 buses are going to Los Angeles."

  6. I'm sure the militias would love to be involved with stopping cartels at the border. Drop the leash of the sheep dog and let them have at it.

  7. Vote for me I will shut this problem down ASAP

  8. Fine Business that hire illegals…

  9. He should not only be impeached, he should be tried for treason!

  10. hey migrants , why didn't u think the Biden administration had a plan for u to be their crop pickers , you are coming here to be their slaves , per Nancy pelosi

  11. First send biden to live there!!!!!

  12. Narrative falling apart 😂😂😂 Northern border is the most crossed noone talking about that , you sick puppies your fooling yourselves ,the same children of immigrants listen to the nastyness coming out of their mouths🤥🤥🤥

  13. Tell you what i'd do.
    i would have army and national guard lined up on the border,from one end to the other.

  14. This is an act of treason agaisnt our country.

  15. Why is there holes w what is already built?

  16. A simple paragraph signed into law,
    Any and all executive orders signed by president will be visited by Congress, Senate and supreme Court, within 30 days to be struck down if unconstitutional and must begin legislative process insuring the will of the people, if legislation process fails. Executive order is withdrawn.

  17. Fire that district court judge in Florida his job is to z protect Americans citizens not Book Vacations for Biden’s Illegals


  19. Crenshaw the RINO. He sees the writing on the wall and is trying to sound conservative. BS!

  20. Crenshaw can crawl back in his hole

  21. I don’t know but they better close it on day one like Biden shutdown the pipeline. Enough of the double talk. WE HAVE HEARD ENOUGH BS

  22. Mayorkas, biden, harris, pelosi, schumer ALL OF THEM!!

  23. Finish the wall. Then make it illegal for anyone to get in our country then go after the illegals and reinvesigate all people . About the cartels round them up and send them back.

  24. Congress needs to finish the wall. They need to stop the inflation reduction bill, and pass a stand alone bill providing the border patrol with enough funds to double their staff. Then take the handcuffs off ICE. Then stop the illegal transference of student debt to the American people.

  25. Close boarder and let boarder parole do their job

  26. Reinstate Trumps REMAIN IN MEXICO POLICY.
    Send them back.

  27. The news media is a big joke and they have a big yellow streak down their back. They have turned their back on "our country". I was talking about this topic the other day with a friend. FACT: Cartel are worming their way into our country step by step. It's going to be very easy for them to just walk in and take over. Their first agenda will be to remove any political party or individual who tries to stop them.
    Pelosi may have been a small test. SO MY ADVICE TO EVERY POLITICIAN REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT WAKE THE HELL UP BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. I'm a 73yr old female and I'm watching this unfold… you have blinders on your college educated head???? I'm a nobody but I can see what is happening. I'M NOT A PESSIMIST MORE LIKE A REALIST. Get Biden and harris out ASAP OR WE'RE GOING TO BE IN ONE BIG MESS SOONER THAN YOU THINK. PLEASE I BEG ALL OF YOU TO WAKE UP!!!

  28. Finish the fender then electrify!!! Deport them all! and no more citizenship for anchor babies!

  29. Not to say the border is not important. I would like to see how they intend to fix all of it. It is just not the border Biden destroyed. The economy and schools.

  30. How? Get rid of Biden and others and everything will fall into place…no problem.

  31. Whatever happened since the early 90's has been detrimental ten times worse every year since. I remember them lining up at my H.S. as a kid seeing them adults get more service than the hour a week and no books they provided me. I wonder how they would deal if it was their country being overcrowded, dangerous, and garbage everywhere. Our kids have even less a future.

  32. Republicans will close the border period.

  33. The one rhino strikes again

  34. This is bulls***!! Biden shouldn't be able to just change the demographic of our country, just because he wants to. It shouldn't just be his choice!! He doesn't have to deal with what we average Americans do! He's just letting people bring in so many dangerous drugs that are killing 100's of Americans daily! It's really sad and scary! Shame on him!

  35. Dan, the republicans controlled Congress in 16 and 17 in the trump's adm, they did nothing on immigration

  36. 7 Best reasons to Vote Republican.

    1. You want to pay more for prescription drugs.

    2. You are hoping the planet gets destroyed by climate change.

    3. You want politicians to decide exactly how you handle your pregnancy.

    4. You want to make sure you never get any money from Social Security.

    5. You want to make sure that corporations and billionaires pay the lowest taxes possible so the working class can pay more of Americas financial burden.

    6. You wan to make sure that lying is a totally acceptable part if political discourse.

    7. You want to make sure that Americans remain divided and keep Hating each other.

  37. To all the people that voted for Joe Biden in the words of Bill Engvall- HERE'S YOUR SIGN!!!! ENJOY YOUR ELECTRIC CAR!!! LOL LOL LOL FJB AND FJB AND FJB AND FJB

  38. America and Aouth boder nearly imerge . It satify Dem for monwy aid . Bedding mugrants qith rate high tax payer , Nothing shame on human right

  39. Well, trump had some ideas. HIs #1 was that México would pay for
    the wall. Of course, they flipped him the bone. We ended up paying
    for the wall. That was one of trump's early tricks on you redhats.

  40. Why don't they just stop all the free stuff, no welfare, no education, health care, no phones, nothing as well stopping them at the border.

  41. Finish the wall just like Trump said.

  42. Impeach myorkas, demand the admin enforce our borders. Take Biden to court. Include these demands in government funding. You don't do it, you don't get government money for your operations and.projects. congress owns funding, not the president.

  43. We can't even keep our own citizens safe, and Biden wants to take on Mexico's citizens?? This is treasonous. Close that border which is to protect OUR people. We are the United States of America, NOT Mexico!

  44. Iif this man does not enforce what he is suggesting, then he's no better than a Democrat. Take charge dude! Do something.!