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Howard sorority sisters inspired by Vice President Kamala Harris’ rise

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer speaks with current members of Howard University’s Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority about the barrier-breaking life and career of the new vice president.

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  1. You think they all compared notes on how many of their collective ex-bosses they had oral sex with to advance their careers?

  2. Fweedom: 1)the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. 2) absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government. 3) the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. Hmmm…

  3. For the people who keep saying she was doing her job … Faking evidence to lock up men just to make your self look good isn’t doing your job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Can’t look up to someone who faked evidence to get men locked up … smh help us … this is a disgrace

  5. Explain to me how Kamala Harris can become VP of USA when she promoted violence and Rioters and asked the public to donate to bail out Rioters on NATIONAL TV promoting violence???? She was a Senator????

  6. Someone went through her back door

  7. Fraud parade of low iq traitors

  8. Kamala Harris is the FIRST to occupy the position of VP who did NOT have Parent(s) of US Citizenship when born. DNC continues to subvert our Constitution and the RNC have ignored this.
    You have to exclude the first 9 presidents because they were still subjects. The requirement used to be BOTH parents of US Citizenship when born and settled for one parent at some point in time.
    This is why they used the story of Obamas Mother, his Father was not a US Citizen…as the story goes.
    This opens the door for anyone to occupy these positions….sick.

  9. Can someone ask Kamala Harris if she still believes Joe Biden's sexual assault accusers? Or was that just something she said when she was dropping in the polls in 2019.

  10. Kamala Harris isn't the first biracial person to become VP. Charles Curtis was.


  11. this what big isp's and big tech look like they will continue to buy likes and comments, we should all just quit paying internet, we out number the idiots that's why they had to cheat.


  13. You cannot use fear and Vice President in the same sentence. Queeeeen.

  14. Pls can Biden help us and remove travel ban .i am dv 2020 winner from cameroon . i had my very since September.i pray may God touch his heart to remove the ban and rule the nation America in the favour of God. I pray everyday an d night for God to give power to treat common people like us rightly .may God protected American people and the lawyer that help us in the case for dv 2020 winner

  15. A very proud time indeed for women. My God always shield our VP and POTUS.

  16. Skeeeeee Weeeee Soror!! Madam Vice President Kamala Harris #20PEARLS #AKA1908. !!! We love you and so proud of you through the cheers and tears.

  17. Feels great again to finally see a vice president that doesn't piss me off everytime they're on screen lol

  18. Read comedy of coffin on kindle….

  19. She Adorns Purple!! They are telling you the future now but most don't have the Eye. They would never have her in purple unless she was the One in the One. An 11. Anointed. They have CHOSEN Kamala. This isn't by mistake and has been Ordained. She is #47. 4+7= The 11!!!

  20. When your the first female VP in history but can't claim it because your party doesn't recognize gender. Doh!9

  21. Jesus loves you,Please repent because He is coming soon

    Like so more people can see this

  22. You wouldn't be celebrating when Harris corporates with the Chinese taking away your jobs and giving it to the illegal immigrants. She's following Biden's footsteps and it won't be a pretty sight.

  23. Yes a woman its time all the way around.

  24. The last thing we need is a pothead running the country.

  25. And this is all we’re going to hear about now.. Kamala and all her black sisters and black poets and black this and black everything instead of it being about just strong women period! This isn’t the way to unite anybody but to cause more divide! It wasn’t like this with Michelle Obama.. she included everyone! Even Candace Owens said she found it very insulting to black women everywhere to be hired in the color of their skin or allowed in school based on that. Many black women don’t like being included in this movement as it’s insulting to their intelligence and whom they are in general.




  27. Harris is not black, she’s East Indian and her and Biden have locked away more black men than you can blink in a day. STOP LETTING SKIN TONE DICTATE NATIONALITY.

  28. Can't all women celebrate not just women of colour Intergrate if we want to stand any chance of unity

  29. Joe Biden just put millions of ppl out of jobs with just a pen , how very sad I was for you Joe but you just destroyed us more then anyone could know and the oil & gas industry now gone will hurt our Country more then ever , Great job dumb azz. God help us all….

  30. Oh she's black now? LMAO please black women wake up stop falling for the media B.S. what president has given the most money to HBCU's?

  31. I was in coma for 4 years did I miss something!

  32. Their was not 1 Indian woman…she is the 1st Indian v p .

  33. I did not fully support anyone but we have what we have and I wish this administration the best and hope they lift this country up.

  34. What's not to be inspired by? Any girl willing to lay it all down can sleep, lie, cheat and steal their way anywhere.

  35. Kamala Harris put a lot of black people unjustly in jail in SF – and when she was called out on it – well – she was never called out on it by the lying left media – free pass for the ‘black’ lady who has been really awful to black people her whole life.

  36. China is economically invading developing countries through neocolonialism.
    In developing countries, economic collapse has occurred and economic refugees are occurring.
    Many refugees have been generated by this refugee and the coup led by China.
    This refugee is rushing to Europe and the United States.
    The world must stop China's neocolonialism.
    But Mr.Biden isn't trying to stop China's violence.
    President Obama's globalization and China-focused policies, China strengthened its military and economic power and its political voice.
    And in naval power, China has surpassed the United States.
    Mr. Biden is trying to shift to a policy that emphasizes China.
    It hasn't happened yet.

  37. she southeast asian..but hey black is in

  38. How many bodies does she have lmao

  39. Don’t you get it hillbillies? WE WON and we’re laughing at you because America is ACTUALLY starting to become great again, and you can’t handle it! Keep hating because we’ll keep winning✊🏽👋🏽🙌🏽😂

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