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Huawei officials slam FCC’s ‘national security threat’ label

Huawei’s chief legal officer Song Liuping speaks at a press conference and says the company has filed a petition to overturn the FCC’s decision to label the Chinese company as a ‘national security threat.’

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  1. President Trump is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT in wanting to block Chinese networking, communication and computing products from getting into the country. They ARE absolutely designed with BACKDOORS. If European partners like the idi0t Germans are too s+up1d to have the foresight to understand that cutting costs in the short term in exchange for a loss of security in the long term is not intelligent, let them go for it. Let's just make sure that they NOT USE any of this S|-|ITTy CHINESE equipment in any shared NATO settings, and if they do, lets squeeze them with sanctions until they stop misbehaving. … that's my $0.02.

  2. Can't trust the CCP and all products it produces.

  3. At&t can so easily give up phone records to Adam Schiff. So what's the diff w China? Should At&t be put on a China entity list like Huawei?

  4. Chi-coms lecturing America about the rule of law. Hahaha. Good one!😂😂👍👌

  5. I’m curious what the NBA thinks. 🤔🤔 China and it’s companies are the same. No difference. I don’t want their products here in 🇺🇸 I’m glad people and our government is waking up. Thank you Trump admin. 👍🏻 Get rid of Confucian depts in our colleges too!

  6. Why so many whites are so stupid… You let your competitors run your internet… 😅 😆 😊
    What FKG dumb… I'm Asian I wouldn't do it.. 😅 😆 😊 Why would USA government told the public what they found about Hauwi that is like telling your enemy how to attack..trillions % spy not now but later.. 😅 😆

  7. What a joke! All this does is strengthen our resolve to stop using products "Made in China."

  8. Go eat a fortune cookie china

  9. I’m so sick of China man

  10. Too bad. Almost everything in China is controlled by the People’s Liberation Army. China acting a lot like Japan did pre-WWII.


  12. If this is Huawei's best English-speaking representative, well, it's just painful listening to him. I'd be willing to bet that many don't even know they're doing business w/Huawei, especially in rural areas. I'm sick of China bullying us & others.😑

  13. Sorry, you lost our trust. You lie, cheat, and steal… enough is enough

  14. The Truth hurts, doesn't it. Close your concentration camps and stop killing people for organs. Then we can do lunch.

  15. what a joke!!!! good luck with that

  16. I guess that’s why our military is banned from using it.

  17. FINALLY: A U.S. president comes along, and calls the BS on China's spying and other deceptive practices… and China whines like little girls in a comic book.

  18. Right, China wants to help Americans…🤣 We don’t need your communist companies

  19. bullying tactics…they're desperate now

  20. If you would not have brought up the political issues, it would have given you more laverage but now i know it is all a cheap trick from you Huawei to push your Chinese government agenda forward, so NO thanks, the FCC here it is right when it comes to you guys!

  21. Wake up and feel the 5G. Last week I looked at Verizon's published map. Only up to 43rd St. on 6th so far. Big gap around Fox Studios for now. Amazing coincidence? Ask Bart Simpson…. about the boxwoods too….

  22. Huawei has been stealing Intellectual Property for years. Now they're pissed that they can't do that anymore. China's dreams of world domination just got a reality check.

  23. I say anything to do with China should not happen, until they come to realize that South China Sea is not there’s, keeping people from there religious beliefs. And has there people as slaves..

  24. Trump is a Belial a self serving lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon.
    Proverbs 6.12-19
    Abominable administration and staff.
    Trump would rather bankrupt US all.

  25. The Chinese better calm down before the world looks at their Intellectual Property theft practices. The Chinese economy is built around Kleptocracy. It would collaps their country before the Chinese people get a chance to wake up and take it back from their corrupt government.

  26. China has sold us their junk far too long. Buy America.

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