Thursday , January 20 2022
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Huawei should never have been part of the trade deal: Dan David

Wolfpack Research founder Dan David discusses how the Trump administration may ban federal agencies from conducting business with Chinese tech giant Huawei.

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  1. JC Bose invented the wireless telecommunication….refused to patent it for academic integrity. Now we facing a company holding highest patents in telecommunication presently..and China is threatening us against banning it !

  2. "You keep talking about Huawei being a security issue…for how long now? And yet to date you have not come out with any evidence to back your allegation?

  3. The people sitting in the house don’t care about the public anymore. They just want to wage wars to profit their pockets. Shame on this so called democracy

  4. fraud in china, of course, in america its called lobbying. the truth is that in the business world, its cut-throat. There are more lawsuits in the US over business issues than the rest of the world.

  5. Its national security because they are far far away more advanced than US. And by the way, Huawei cant stole TECHNOLOGY WHAT US DOESN'T HAVE !!!! STOP LYING TO YOURSELFS PEOPLE!!!

  6. We need China as much as we need holes in the brain. All western countries need to stop all trade with thieving slopes.

  7. USA have better control on companies than china. 😂😂😂if you dont agree,you should check your personal information,they dont just belong to you many years ago😂😂😂

  8. What a foul mouth! Got proof on what you said! If don't please don't continue into this road.

  9. There two dudes are simply whining….pathetic

  10. I see the US going into a recession early 2020. There goes trumps election win.

  11. If the mentality of the guest speaker is a reflection of Americans in general, then there America has too many moronic bigots.

  12. Completely unsubstantiated from a sore loser.

  13. I guess Boeing can say goodby to the Chinese market due to 'national security'.

  14. There is a saying, Asian's are smarter.

  15. China is ready for deal 90% of discussed agreement or No deal. If US ban Huawei and extradite Mdm Meng, Apple and Microsoft will be banned by China in Return😉

  16. if what's they are talking about is real, then the US citizens and corps must be the most stupid pig in the world for being taken advantages by Chinese for decades.

  17. All the Huawei bashing has made Huawei world famous and renowned for its leading 5G technologies. More effective than any marketing and advertising.

  18. Really happy to see the US so crazy about Huawei….holding my Mate 20 Pro, Hope Iphone could catch up in 2 years.

  19. The Trump administration is conducting a trade war on China, a tech war on Huawei, and a ban war on many Chinese companies.
    Trump sanction this, ban that, jerk this and lie on that. On the black list, do the license, then deny the license. A propaganda war matching that on USSR at the height of the Cold War. Big Media follow suit as always. Like they did leading up to the Iraq invasion.
    Huawei has been a big and loyal customer of many big American tech companies, buying billions of components. Suddenly it is Enemy Number 1.
    You know, the Chinese is not some kind of Central Americans being jerked around like some 2-bit rat by the the Yankee imperialist. They are proceeding to cut off business relationship with U.S. A trade deal of any kind is out of the question. The last thing Huawei want is to install their superior products into America. The rest of the world is more than big enough market. And the rest of the world is embracing China.

  20. Right, but supplying chips and allowing Google services has nothing to do with usa security concerns

  21. The entire US Military has been totally compromised with Huawei computer components. about five years ago, using a electronic signal, The Chinese shut down one of our newest submarines causing it to drift onto land. Our most powerful military assets can be shut down by China any time they please. This is a gift from Billy Clinton, whom started the selling off of America to China during his corrupt presidency. When will we see these traitors executed in the public square?

  22. The worst US president​ ever

  23. Yes lets ban Huawei so crapple dosn't have to deal with competition.

  24. Trump’s intel agency knows the facts,

  25. Keep talking! The Chinese are working. See you next year.

  26. Thought it was Who-a-wee before all this came up.

  27. Ban China Huawei business. The Huawei saaley stealing USA propreitory information for decades.

    What's reset about China? Chinese are thieves and also Indians thieves. Both are kamasutra prostitute and what has to be reset with these prostitutes?

    BAN China OUT of USA, EUROPE, UK, NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA and ISRAEL, MIDDLE EAST. That's MY Command. Kick out China-India-Africa flat plates and spoons. NO trade/commerce. 😡

  28. Let Huawei in…more competition da better. Scared China gonna b lookin @ ur lil Peter in ur phone gallery? Hey, da US is already lookin @ ur lil Peter on ur iPhone and plannin ways to use it against u. I'd rather my Peter be in da hands of da Chinese (not literally). Less it a Chinese female sweety pie!!!

  29. How about this one dnc we make Trump President for 8 more yrs to be fair 2 were stolen he deserves it right /

  30. China was never in world interest in economics they just steal everything and that's their future downfall.

  31. I would only vote for a president that keeps 5G security a top priority!

  32. Look's Like China want to play more give him all you got , they will do SAME!!!
    Let's the Fun begins!!


  33. Americans can boycott Chinese goods, only buy what is critical to your needs, ban all toys, clothes and plastic goods especially at Walmart, We can get the same goods from India, and Asian countries, Mexico and Canada, American companies can and have the ability to make the same types of items we need, Trump will be glad to offer these companies deals and tax breaks.

  34. The real issue is China is trying to get on our Stock exchanges.. That way the American People have their 401K tied up funding the Chinese Communist. As it would be hard to unwind them. Alibaba Group Holding Limited being the largest. They are holding Billions in US Citizens retirement funds. You need to get them out.

  35. I had a Huawei phone.. Things kept disappearing off of it multiple times. Pictures , text, phone logs and files.. Went and bought a new phone and sim card. Now I'm going to get it from a drawer I put it in, and smash it like I'm Hillary Clinton..

  36. Lmao. Why are American soluch crybabies. Stop whining and make your own 5g, stupidass americans.

  37. Precisely, Apple, IBM, Starbuck, G. M, FORD, TESLA, H.P are national security issue to China n should be barred from China likewise. Cheers.

    I have no objection to mutual barring, do you. Love it, let's bar.

  38. Trade wars are good and easy to win.

  39. Huawei should become illegal—it's a danger to America's national security.

  40. Last Christmas I gave Yamaha
    But the very next day you gave it Huawei

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