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Huckabee slams Lawrence O’Donnell for reporting fake Trump story

Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee criticizes MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell for reporting a false story about President Trump’s finances.

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  1. At least, O'Donnell apologized for his inaccurate report.
    Some people are unable to admit when they're wrong and will do almost anything to prove that they're right.

  2. You cunts have a lot of cheek saying anything about fake news..go get stuffed Fuktards

  3. {{ psssst: no sir, lawrence and olivier/beast }}

  4. :01:36 – nbc, I own you. ditto cbs, cnn, abc, pbs, and ALL THE NEWS COMPANIES, oh, and You-tube, twitter, instagram, etc. etc. etc. no LUV 🖕🏽 The King and I …👑👑IYA

  5. Lol, 11 years is not enough of both of you Mike and Lawrence. Great stuff gentlemen.

  6. There are fake news here and there. President Trump is among the top fake news reporters. He is a habitual liar. So many lies & hypocrisies coming out from President Trump. Even recently his reporting on hurricane Dorian we can find his fake news. Not only this, fake news coming out from President Trump almost every day in his speeches or tweets.

    With President Trump governing USA with lies and hypocrisies. This is like building a house on the sand and not founded on rock. Rain, flood and strong wind will come and this house will surely fall.

  7. This from the biggest lying fu***ng president in history.

  8. no wonder their ratings are sooooo pathetic.. fire o'donnell and maddow, too… the only real hard core journalists out there don't include those stations,… i love sara carter, john solomon and the great woman on fox who does political reporting and i can't think of her name right now..

  9. What's bad for America is Trump a disgrace a criminal a bigot uneducated and a global clown and joke.

  10. Clean your own house first fox news. You are the biggest fake news of them all.

  11. O'Donnell is just another product of getting to that point where he's had enough.. so much so that he's willing to lie and report false information. Left media has arrived at that place where they just dont know what else to do.. the usual BS isnt working obviously.. and I assume they're just going with whatever they hope works.

  12. Dear Miss Huckleberry Flanders, kindly cover your head in batter and then deep-fry it.

  13. Fake news is dangerous for America and American. Must be prosecuted and pay hefty penalty

  14. MSNBC, CNN, ABC……………fabricated or carefully selected and edited crap………………don't waste your time on Larry the Liar……O'Donnell

  15. Lawrence needs to be kicked out..boycott this network…😜😩😠

  16. Rocky Madow looks like a lightweight boxer

  17. Sue that Mutha F^&r and the station!

  18. Ol lantern jaw is a lying grifter. What a joke.

  19. They haven't read rev the bible says God is the only one that knows when the world ends

  20. I go into YouTube with my Roku device to watch Fox News. CNN and MSNBC try to but in. I've come to truly despise those two what ever you want to call them. I guess they are begging for attention. They literally drove me to listen to Judge Pirro, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh. I think there is a great chance I will never vote Democrat again. Thanks CNN and MSNBC, your credibility is zero with me. It can't be just me who knows this.

  21. I get the whole fake news sh$t across the board. How about call out a fake news trump that lie constantly

  22. I didn't hear an apology from that stupid man …he's a disgrace to the station he represents and that they should be embarrassed and should lose viewers daily…because they don't do their journalist due diligence …makes them liars!!
    Take them off the station !!!!

  23. As long as Trump is hiding his taxes from the American people,we can speculate ANYTHING.Honest people have nothing to hide.

  24. FAUX NEWS does it 24/7! F Huckabee! Anyone hear his PIG daughter tell the truth? NO!

  25. You fng viewers who has anything to say about O'Donnell is someone with an agenda. Spreading hate about someone you obviously know nothing about. So what if he did say something inaccurate, look at the evidence (oh yeah, republicans don't believe in facts only opinions, ie Kelly Ann Conway's comments not mine) You haters never want to look at the history of anyone, only what happened today. AAGGGGGHHHHHH! Look at what the creep just said…..he IS EVIL!!!!!! Children behave like that when the son thinks his sister got a bigger piece of candy. Condemning people for one thing they said is exposing you as little mind trying to act like a thinker. O'Donnell' history is one of the most trustworthy reporters out there. OOOHHHHH, but let's hate him because he said something wrong. With logic like that, it would be surprising you have any friends at all, except the one's who are perfect. Every one of you whiners need to grow up and get a real job. AND, on top of that he apologized. I bet if the president apologized for something you would accept that apology and move on. So your words are just manure in a field somewhere far from the interstate.

  26. Trying to keep that Russia thing alive.

    Breaking Bad is the business of modern journalism

  27. Right from wrong. But could any of us pass the test? With Freedom of expression, everybody wants to be a Knight of the Round Table.
    Most people figure anything in the news is REAL. How good are we at telling the lie from the truth? Let the people cry for blood just so they can sell the news.
    Does the truth vary for one's personal convenience? Black one day and white the next?
    The next time you read or hear anything, ask yourself, "I have the right to doubt, am I using it?"


  29. MSNBC only have fake news. That is why they are at the bottom rating.

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