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Humana, Cigna waiving some patient health insurance costs | Coronavirus Conversations

Humana and Cigna among insurance companies waiving patient’s share of coronavirus costs.
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Here’s how insurance companies like Humana and Cigna are decreasing the financial burden on patients to pay for COVID-19 treatment and testing.

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  1. Insurance companies r the worst virus on earth.

  2. Yeap! If you have money or insurance u ,are ok but if Not ☠😱

  3. Just mentioning healthcare insurance around my house is an invitation for a domestic violence charge! I don't see that as condusive to anyone's health or well being!

  4. These blood-sucking insurers will pass on the costs related to COVID-19 treatments to their customers next year.

  5. What if you don't have coronavirus but lost your job and need medical treatment for something else? This video sounds like costs will only be waived if you have coronavirus.

  6. "We need our members alive and sick, not dead." Of course, dead men pay no money.

  7. Some, Some… Put Zero in writing, this guy talks in circle's, until it's in writing zero costs, I might believe it….these Hospitals and Insurance billing people are the problems..Clean it up now you Money gouging $1500.00 per baby aspirin, destructive blood sucker, you just got exposed with 9 on your greedy hands ……💩👹

  8. M4A. Get rid of guys like this.

  9. amazing content you deserve more views

  10. great video keep up the great content

  11. In Maharashtra India , all testing and treatment is free.The Chief Minister announced that no one must worry sbout getting a test

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