‘Humanity will prevail’: Ukraine marks anniversary of Bucha’s liberation

Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy and other leaders held a solemn ceremony in remembrance of Russia’s brutal occupation of the town of Bucha, and the many soldiers and civilians who died there.

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  1. Unconditional surrender is the only way out for Ukraine. Hitler's Germany also refused to admit defeat until Hitler killed himself, then Keitel signed unconditional surrender. Biden administration is urging Zelenskyy regime to start its last and most likely suicidal offensive because current situation is unsustainable . It would be difficult to convince republican congress to keep wasting hundreds of billions on this lost war. WSJ is describing Zelenskyy mobilization in this way: "Mr. Zelensky in January introduced even harsher punishment for desertion and disobedience. A disabled person was drafted in western Ukraine and pronounced fit for service despite having no hands . Another died on the front lines within a month of mobilization after 10 days of training, according to his relatives." Zelenskyy is officially catching and forced conscripting even disabled. When such people are in the trenches, it means that the front can collapse at any moment. Plan B of Biden administration is to try to throw Polish army into a meat grinder. I just hope that Polish government isn't that crazy.

  2. Sooner Ukraine throws out this puppet clown zelenskyy, sooner war and misery is over…

  3. God is with Russia 🇷🇺 🙏 🙌, thanks Russia & China 🇨🇳 for fighting the biggest terrorist country in the world 🇺🇸, remember Vietnam 🇻🇳, Panama 🇵🇦, Iraq 🇮🇶, Afghanistan 🇦🇫, Libya 🇱🇾, Syria , Mexico 🇲🇽. I don't forget to pray for all the native Americans that were killed to steal their land.

  4. Russia 🇷🇺 🪆 🇷🇺 🪆 #1

  5. Blah blah blah blah … blah blah blah blah blah blah

  6. meanwhile he persecutes the traditional church

  7. The deaths of Ukranians is mostly on the hands of Zelinsky.

  8. Nothing humane about this mob boss zelenskyy…
    as long as he's holding Ukraine hostage it will be a disaster

  9. Just look at those dilated cocaine eyes of his, and his face. He looks bad!! Good everyone sees where their tax money goes 🤔

  10. WW1-Balfour declaration-semites?
    WW2-State of Israel-Semites?
    WW3-New state of Israel in former Ukraine-Semites?
    Zelenskyy is a Semite!

  11. Yes humanity will, but the EUkraine won't. The Austrians seem to agree.

  12. It’s amazing how we all pretend that Ukraine isn’t a far right white nationalist dictatorship.

  13. Russian GRU on coke not gonna win.

  14. imagine thinking ur the good guys 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. God Bless The Heroes For Humanity 🙏🌍🇺🇦

  16. It's not a war it's money laundering

  17. Amazing how many people here are supporting real nazis 😂

  18. I've been trying to find out where all those billions of tax payer dollars are actually going does anyone know🤔

  19. America is being tore apart by the biden regime but fake news is concerned about Ukraine . 🤔

  20. Here is a headline from a May 2014 article in "The Gaurdian."

    "In Ukraine, the U.S. is dragging us towards war with Russia.
    Washington's role in Ukraine, and it backing for the regime's Neo-Nazis."

    Wake up people because you're being lied to. Joseph Goebbels would have loved television.

  21. Pray for people who passed away and where killed by russians. Rest in peace our heroes. May God be with you. Better actor than a monster without any soul like russian president Putin. 🙏