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Hunter Biden defends ethics of foreign ventures l ABC News

Biden defended the ethical implications of his private ventures in an interview with ABC News, but conceded a political “mistake.”
Watch Part 2 here:

Exclusive: ‘I’m here’: Hunter Biden hits back at Trump taunt in exclusive ABC News interview

As President Donald Trump continues to fill his Twitter feed and campaign speeches with attacks on Hunter Biden over his foreign business deals, the former vice president’s son defended the ethical implications of his private ventures in an interview with ABC News, but conceded taking a misstep in failing to foresee the political implications on his father’s career.

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  1. He's set to make over 20 million dollars off that deal with china cause of his 10% stack in the company, Why the hell didn't she ask about future earnings once the deal goes through and all the money he will make off of it…….Oh Yeah ABC, Always Been Corrupt

  2. Please do the Republican party a favor……keep this moron talking.

  3. The only thing credible about this video is the like to dislike ratio.

  4. Lets not bring up the alcoholism or coke at all…

  5. Hunter Biden. What an idiot. I can't believe how dumb the dems are. I would have never let him speak as now it's giving Trump credence in what he is saying. Time to drain the swamp. Yesterdays dem debate was a joke for all americans to see. Not once did they talk about the new job killing green deal (no fosil fuels). It was all about bashing Trump. The american voters are not stupid. Trump will win by a landslide despite fake news!

  6. No… blinking 100 times a second. There is actual video of Biden bragging he was withhold ing tax payer money unless they fire the prosecutor.. I bet he still doing coke.

  7. Horrible interview Amy!! No follow up, way to soft.

  8. Bunch of B.S this guy is a Liar!
    And this interview is horrible!

  9. Cup cake interview. More fake news 🙁

  10. Creepy Corrupt Uncle Joe got his Druggie Son a high paying Board Job even tho he had no Oil Company training! Without his politically connected Father Hunter would be lucky making 15 dollars a hour.

  11. I think he's really sick…Tired..Dental implants…All that stuff…

  12. Ah huh, and?
    All I know is, lying is a behavioral issue.

  13. The impeachment centers around Trump's comments t the bottom of page 3 of the transcript, saying he wants to recover from the corruption under the Obama administration whereby Joe Biden has a prosecutor fired because he was about to question Joe's son.

    So apparently trying to undo Obama/Biden corruption and quid pro quo is wrong!

    We'll see of the questioning gets at the money laundering investigation, if Hunter asked his father to intervene to coverup Barisma Holdongs corruption.

    We already know Biden bragged about blackmailing the President of Ukraine if he didn't shutdown the corruption investigation.

  14. Maybe Hunter fell for a junk mail sent from China stating they need people to invest their money. Check what his company acquired in US with Chinese money if it was a way to bypass scrutiny from governing bodies like CFIUS.

  15. Amazing interview by one of the fake news outlets and interview with some balance that we can make our own judgements.

  16. I hope his divorce goes sour and the ex exposes this crook. That would be funny.
    Bidens are crooks

  17. Hunter is dishonorable discharged from the US Navy! Hunter then lands a job as a board member on a Ukrainian energy company with a salary of $50,000 @ month with no expertise or experience in this area?
    While on Air Force ll with his dad to China Hunter lands a $1.5 billion for his company with the Chinese gov't!

  18. We have a two party system!
    Ever notice the democrats and republicans actually want the same thing just different ways of expression.
    The actual 2 party is the rich fucks that are above the law and only enrich themselves. and the people, not rep. Dem.
    We all want jobs, clean water, quite dumping garbage in the ocean, good home. Etc…
    First party: people
    Second party: the rich and powerful demands poverty.
    Make millions that way they can take it.

  19. Drug addicts are usually excellent liars. He can't even get that right.

  20. Fake propaganda! Direct liar. Said "he" didn't receive money but didn't respond to the fact that his company did. Biden's are crooks.

  21. fifty thousand a month is a joke and not worth any position for experience you don't have.

  22. Lying POS just like his pervert father. .

  23. Literally a side talking sleezeball


  25. Hunter is a POS he's only got money because of his dad and the poor sap couldn't even handle being an officer in the Navy.

  26. He only showed up because The POTUS dropped a dime calling him out.

  27. These people are absolutely DISGUSTING! They truly believe the American people are absolute retards. Anyone with a brain can see through all of this blatant corruption. They litteraly accuse people of exactly what they themselves are doing and are guilty of. It's absolutely pathetic.

  28. Great journalism. His statements were not fact checked. His fund , of which he is a partner, absolutely did receive the money. There is a clear. unethical on our hands and ABC hands us a shitty, half baked story.

  29. Another rich kid moron

  30. Drug addicts always love to reference Alice in wonderland

  31. Never discussed Ukraine… I mean uh sure we discussed it but not much. Crooks.

  32. The whiter the teeth, the more they have to hide….

  33. I enjoyed the fake footage from Syria)))))
    The informed viewers ARE LAUGHING AT YOU)))))
    You, most definitely, are FAKE NEWS!

  34. He does have that strung out “I have a chippy” look.

  35. This guy can't even get his mouth opened properly. Physiological indications that this cat is a bloody liar

  36. How do these "reporters" keep a straight face? Do they not have any morals? They know he was lying. They KNOW it yet they still treat them like nothing happens.

  37. Lying sh-t bags. You imbeciles in the media are complicit in helping this traitor funnel stolen tax dollars. F-ck you. Slanderous, treasonous, pieces of sh-t

  38. What I found incredibly shocking was how often I've heard otherwise respectable journalists in mass media explain there is nothing that Hunter Biden did which was illegal or wrong yet repeat Trump's preposterous line about how it's suspicious that he worked for the Burisma energy company with "no qualifications." Right. Hunter only graduated from YALE LAW SCHOOL and was brought on specifically because he understands United States law, and was on that Board to help attract American investors to help move Ukraine away from Putin and closer to the USA and EU.

    Q: What were your qualifications to be on the board of Burisima?

    A: "I was vice-chairman on the board of Amtrack for five years. I was chairman-of-the-board of the U.N. Food Program. I was a lawyer for Bois Schiller Flexner, one of the most prestigious law firms in the world."

    Q: You didn't have any experience in Natural Gas or with Ukraine itself though."

    And … here's what I would have said when the interviewer said that!

    Hunter Biden wasn't brought on for his experience in THOSE areas. I mean, Duh! Obviously, the Ukrainians who already WERE there at Burisima had all the experience needed in THOSE areas. Hunter was brought on there because he had experience in all the areas that the Burisima executives LACKED. How friggin' OBVIOUS is that???

    But if we're going to speak about experience…What experience in electoral politics did Trump have before he was President? What experience did Trump have in raising cattle before he started Trump Steaks? What experience did Trump have in designing or tailoring clothes before he started his Trump clothing line? What experience did Trump have in education before he founded Trump University? What experience did Trump have in the gaming industry before he opened Trump Taj Mahal casino? The answer to all of that is that Trump had ZERO EXPERIENCE. . . So for this man to question ANYONE else for lacking "experience" is a sick joke.

  39. Joe: I need you to go on TV. You have to say something.

    Hunter: But dad, I’m not a very good liar!

    Joe: I need you to be strong son. Didn’t I get you that job!

  40. They never talked about Ukraine? Yeah right

  41. Well there’s certainly no mistaking the uncanny resemblance to his father not in looks but in just plain idiocy

  42. The only reason H. Biden was on the board of directors of a Ukrainian energy corporation was his excellent knowledge and experience in the Ukrainian language they call Mova. Oh and his name is Biden.

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