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Hunter Biden doesn’t regret being on board of Ukrainian gas firm

He reportedly made $50,000 a month in the job and said he and his father had not discussed Ukraine until the media reported on Trump’s call with its leader.



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  1. Abby Huntsman, would she be on the view, Meghan McCain, would she be on the view? This is a ridiculous thing. Move along.

  2. Considering he made a fortune thanks to his dad doing NOTHING, I’m sure he doesn’t

  3. Oh God, another Jussie Smolett interview from ABC

  4. make sure you get the right footage ABC

  5. Fake News protecting criminals

  6. Hunter promised not to do it again folks… Gee give the poor son-of-a-grabbing-croanie a break y'all…

  7. Completley debunked by who? names please.

  8. Father and son the same s*** .

  9. you should be ashamed by this interview ABC using a lady who obviously wants to go to bed with Biden, with the most soft questions and follow ups FFS

  10. Wrong David 'Beta' Muir: Trump exposed the corrupt Biden family for what they are. Joker Joe, Co-Co Hunter and Jewels Jill. You and your handlers are not doing well, you are aging REALLY fast, David. Have a good day.

  11. neither would I regret it if I made $82k bucks a month. What a lying fuck-face. Biden and all DEMONRATS are a disgrace to our country, our constitution and our people. Their time is running short General Bill BARR and Special Federal Prosecutor JOHN DURHAM are going to drain the swamp. GET YOUR POPCORN …wait for it…wait for it…..its coming!!

  12. I wouldn’t regret making millions either! He sold them a promise and betrayed the American people!

  13. I have never heard of Hunter Biden until this interview. This guy is a sleazeball. The sleaze just oozes off of him. I would not vote for his father now.

  14. Cocaine is a helluva drug

  15. No! Say no to Joe. But fuck say no to Trump. Jeez it's like Hillary all over again. Picking from the lesser of two evils. Just give us a good honest person with ethics who isn't leaning to either extreme.

  16. He may have not done anything illegal, however, he acknowledged his privilege. And that is certainly the problem, not only with Biden and son, but also, Trump and his children as well. These are conflicts of interest, and it is still a form of corruption.

  17. I wazzalawyer….my judgement…. I'm a human….not one cent….I made a mistake. Denial. Bottom line this Hunter Biden story won't go away until the DNC gets sleepy Joe out of the way he's not Socialist enough. They want Warren, it's pretty clear.


  19. There was always rumors that Joe was bi sexual or gay, his son is kinda cute so I wonder if he’s like his dad.

  20. A rehabilitated addict with no specific qualifications for the particular job, son of a former vice President (and now possibly Presidential candidate) on the board of a big company in a questionable country like Ukraine? Smells like power corruption and greediness, phenomenon which make people lose confidence in politicians.
    Btw, he speaks and behave jittery like a meth junkie who has burnt too many brain cells, he's a PR trainwreck – not worse than President Crazypants though.

  21. ABC News EXCEEDS CNN in FAKE news. This interview is as fake as the news about Syria where ABC used a clip from a firing range, DOCTORED it up, and passed it off as the fighting in Syria. INTENTIONAL FALSIFYING THE NEWS is what we call FAKE news.
    If it was Donald Trump, Jr being interviewed, would it have been conducted in the same manner?
    No, Hunter Biden, you did NOT make a mistake. You do not have, nor ever had, any qualifications to be on the board of a Ukrainian gas company. You are corrupt just like your creepy father, who touches children in a disgusting way (many videos show this disgusting behavior) ALL the fake news can twist this any way they want,BUT AMERICANS KNOW THE TRUTH.

  22. Bet you trumps kids won’t be honest about their foreign dealings

  23. He Has better qualifications than Ivanka or Jared.

  24. You also supported Tiger Swan security using attack dog's on native Americans. Biden supported the Obama administration in using a heat seeking missile devise pointed at native Americans.
    Investigate that because you also were involved in the cover-up.

  25. Not sure who is a bigger bottom feeding disgrace , Hunter Biden or ABC . Hunter destroyed his dad . ABC destroyed itself . So hey , looks like a win win from here . None of you will be missed for a second . Toodles .

  26. THIS poc was/is a LAWYER? I don't buy that for a SECOND. He got his "degrees" the same way he got his "jobs" – $$$ and daddy.

  27. He's SO high/drunk he's slurring his words and skipping around.  REFUSED to answer how much $$$, btw.  That is because 50k wouldn't cover this self-described heroin crack prostitution playboy's party bill for ONE night let alone a whole month!  This guy is 100x dirtier than imagined. Ikes!

  28. ABC running cover for liberal corruption. Enemy of the people.

  29. This is funny. Trump is making money on the country as we watch this

  30. What a low life. I hope his corrupt dad will lose badly and provide some entertainment.

  31. The amount of propaganda the news agencies do for the DNC and it's members (along with their family) is beyond atrocious now. These bastards need to be charged with sedition and locked up.

  32. Who cares… He's not running for president. Why would anyone believe trump with his dirty track record anyways! Crazy!

  33. 😂 Hunter is guilty of being on the take from Ukraine and China-he’s a crackhead that wouldn’t be qualified to work at a gas station much less a foreign gas company!

  34. The cokehead who banged his brothers widow the week after he died.


  36. Hey ABC News! Is it true that Turkish military forces attacked a Kentucky firing range?

  37. sounds just like his dad lol

  38. "Long dubunked",? By who? When? WHERES THE REPORT? I CALL BULLSHIT!🐂

  39. Donald Trump ran a fake/fraudulent university and was order to pay 25 Million in restitution to his victims..
    Trump also has paid off Porn workers and at least 1 Nude model 250 Thousand combined in a serious felony Finance Campaign Contribution crimes…
    Then there is his serial sexual offenses, (up to 43 women's accusations, 3 of them forcible rape) and his admitted cheating on all 3 of his wives..
    And Trumpist are worried about the son of a Vice President who is not accused of any crime? GTFOH losers.

  40. Things go better with Coke.

  41. Why don't you send Hunter Biden to Kentucky to negotiate peace with the Turks (abc) wink wink* ??

  42. ABC is complacent and is a sick embarrassment to our country! You know Hunter Biden and his father no pro quo Joe is guilty as hell ..You loss the narrative and were caught lying to the American people, again…

  43. So you go to a Democrat supporting news channel who support Biden, who hates Trump, you ask questions that won't incriminate him……!!! Jesus, people if you don't see the shit coming out of this then…….hey I have great ocean front property in Montana I'll sell you for a good price if interested hit me up I'll tell you where to send the check!! I'll send the keys and title after the check clears!!
    Oh and hey Hunter you do know they have proof you were paid 1.5 billion from china, you literally can't lie your way out of this….oh wait your a Democratic puppet maybe ya can!!

  44. 50k a month is good money if you can find that kind of work..
    Now lets investigate Ivanka for nepotism and taking advantage of her fathers position as President.

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