Hunter Biden indicted on federal gun charges | Nightline

The president’s son is accused of lying about his drug use to purchase a handgun and possessing a gun illegally.



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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. we want the laptop and client list

    best they can do is gunz and suicided

  3. 100% cover for Biden's Treason!

  4. Isn't it in the interest and strategy of the Biden's to indict, convict, and then pardon Hunter, before end of the term? Double Jeopardy laws would prevent retrial too.

  5. When is the PRESS going to start looking at Ivanka Trump and her Trademark Deals with China – after which Daddy bailed out ZTE (China's telecommunications Co) – and Jared Kushner's 2 $billon dollar deal with the Saudis – come on Hunter Biden was a drug addict and had a gun – big deal ………..EVERYTHING Trump and the REPS accuse the Bidens of doing is EXACTLY what TRUMP was doing himself.

  6. Mr President, we stand behind you. These charges against your son are obviously manufactured in order to damage your legacy and work. Don't let the conservatives knock you down. You have our votes in 2024, and then some.

  7. Okay but that doesn't mean Joe is evil everyone is different and Joe is just getting older that's why he's failing to do the right things he planed

  8. Dumb Question – Where is the Justice Dept on the $2 Billion to the Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner's Saudi Pay off; and where does the rest of the $3 billion that Jared Kushner has hustled come from and how and why. Why is Congress needed to investigate this in the first place instead of the Justice Department? – Democrats – wise up , you are waisting your time asking for fairness from the Republicans – instead inquire to the Justice Dept – what the Hell is going on ?

  9. ODD that Nobody in the media seems in any way concerned that a Sitting US Presidents Son may be sharing Government secrets to China, or some other Foreign Power, over some Fentanyl, Heroine, or even some Crack, which even HE has ADMITTED on National TV to doing. Surely he and his dad have had Private Dealings even up to now

  10. NO JAILTIME, Watch & see

  11. The website that Republicans insisted there are criminal evidence

    of President Biden, it's all non-sense.

    I'm embarrassed for these Republican clowns.

  12. This is the financial genius making money from CHINA 🇨🇳 UKRAINE 🇺🇦?🧐🇺🇸

  13. Dunno:

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    So spare us. Homd your piss and stop trying to flip it all in front of the world. You okay you pay. That's because of what you failed to do while sitting on cicsin and bars for the last 50 years.
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  14. Political pressure?! He ACTUALLY broke the law! Only the dumbest of people won't be able to see right through that gaslighting.
    The party you're a mouthpiece for are the ones engaging in political persecution as you spruik bias hypocrisy.
    He ran around with an illegal firearm, on crack and whatever else he was on but…
    "yeah he broke the law but that's ok because we don't think gun laws matter to public safety when it's us, only when it's law abiding citizen we are trying to oppress."

    Non stop do you say guns are a serious public safety issue but the second it suits you you did a complete 180 on that didn't you?

  15. The son of the President should not have his personal life scrutinized by the public.

  16. I am so glad that I’m too poor to afford crack.

  17. But his dad wants to take our guns?
    Also still no leads on the Cocaine found at the white house.

  18. How many dead school children does it take for a republican to do something about gun violence?

    Hunter Biden

  19. This Hunter gun charge is a distraction

    It's an excuse for the Pravda Press to chant "No one is above the law!"

    They slap Hunter on the wrist, cover for Joe Biden, & persecute President Trump

    We're not going to fall for it

    Hunter is a consolation prize

    We want the big guy.

  20. interesting that all of the charges are related to the colt revolver, yet if you look at the videos hunter made and the info about the weapons hunter "lost" there are multiple different weapons. It seems like there is more going on here than what he is being charged with, at least possession of multiple other fire arms, not to mention the lack of interest from the media, despite at least one being left inside a "gun free zone" across from a highschool. I wonder how many people that were convicted under "tough on guns" Joe Biden legislation see this as poetic justice. If this were a republican the story would have clips of the parent and the legislation that they pushed. I know this report says it was unloaded and he only had it for 11 days, but if it was loaded isn't the law and there is no evidence of it not being unloaded or loaded to my knowledge, there is a video of him that has circulated the internet of him smoking something and loading a pistol and many news stories about the weapon that the secret service helped recover being loaded. Do better abc, be a new agency that people can respect as an independent source of news, instead of following the DNC talking points and abiding by the DNC letters that instruct/advise what/how to report.

  21. All these trump supports can't say sh*t. Hunters fighting for gun rights.

  22. And he'll have fun fun fun till daddy takes the T-bird away

  23. Hunter is a b@dass. Finally we get a high profile person fighting for gun rights. He's the ultimate


    This is a way bigger scandal than Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky shacking it up in the White House.

    If BC could face impeachment for that….Joe Biden should be at least investigated for his part in covering his sons ass his whole life

  25. Congress gets paid 180000 votes on bills they and their families have investments in any money made while in congress belongs to the American people they get paid while on social security and veterans pay they deduct off your pay the average Americans family income is 40000 these republicans and democrats are thieves whores liars embezzlers criminals traitors nazis and a disgrace all need to be thrown out and convicted stop pointing fingeres clean house America we don’t need trump trash or Biden baggage vote Kennedy 2024

  26. The gun charge is a smoke screen brought by the same weak prosecutor who let the statute of limitations run out on the more serious tax evasion charges! Hunter Biden was NOT charged with money laundering for taking in millions from foreign governments/individuals and distributing it to family members through 20 shell companies! Like how did Joe Biden get filthy rich on a government salary? He was NOT charged with a FARA violation – the Foreign Agents Registration Act – which got former Trump campaign advisor Paul Manafort 5 years in prison! See how this works? Republicans get the book thrown at them and Democrats get a slap on the wrist!

  27. Liberals: we want the strictest gun laws
    Liberals: we need to keep guns out of the hands of criminals
    Liberals: White privilege is the most dangerous kind. Minorities are disproportionately punished
    Liberals: NObody is above the law
    Also Liberals: Hunter wasn't even a public servant, why do Republicans care so much?

  28. He is covered up he must to be accused based on too many dirty works not only “gun charges”

  29. No evidence no votes its going to blow up in the republicans face Republicans going to lose again

  30. Cool. Republicans are now for gun control. I'm here for it. Now let's pass some gun control legislation…….Where did everyone go?

  31. Here’s the part where “nobody is above the law” turns into “almost nobody gets charged for this”.

    Our media is a problem

  32. Trump should be in jail for rape, stealing, fraud, inciting an insurrection against the government, and trying to steal an election!