Wednesday , May 12 2021
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Hunter Biden only regrets 'political fallout' from Burisma: Charlie Hurt

Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt argues that Hunter Biden’s involvement with Burisma is ‘the height of disgusting.’

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  1. Even tho I can see the government for daily threats blackmail extortion

  2. I can't be the only one who thinks that a simple finger print check would say who the laptop belongs to.

  3. dumbfounded about how this administration wants to ruin this country for our children and grandchildren

  4. 87 million motel rooms must b all state how much room could by cities Mexico stay there

  5. Delusiona. Barismal high does not remember 40 thousand picture jo pay 4 play answers all common sense

  6. Only a liar would state. That is something that only a dementia patient would do.

  7. When someone drags guliani into their BS and blames him for his own laptop lies. HE HAS NO CREDIBILITY AND SHOULD NOT EVEN BE ALLOWED ON TV..

  8. The liar and Chiefs CRACKHEAD son… the BIDEN crime family… big joke!!! Corrupt to the core!!!

  9. Hunter is a piece of work who is Dementia Joe's son-both are SLEAZY!!!!!

  10. Jr.needs rehab and to worry about his own issues.🙄
    At least Biden won't have an entire political party (Trumplican)spending campaign funds to buy up all of his books like Jr. did.😄😂🤣

  11. Lol u clowns voted this idiot father into office u dummies wake up u clowns 🤡

  12. Oh don't you worry, he has Apple care alright..

  13. Hunter is like a drunk person beating the hell out of someone. When they get caught, they don't remember it or they claim they had a black out. Just laughable!

  14. Joe Crow don't care about the border. All the money he is printing no accountability. He is robbing the American people.

  15. Criminals only regret getting caught!

  16. Destroying America is Democrats Goal

  17. What did Fox Lawyers strongly assert: " NO reasonable person would take ANYTHING (these Rectal Leeches) say Seriously "
    They are confessing to Fox's Misinformation because the hivedrones have grazed on B. uzz S. pue for so long that their heads are full of Propaganda Rot.
    Fox knows their brainwashed are not able to recognize The TRUTH

  18. The American public should demand that Hunter Biden be arrested for lying on a 4473 and be prosecuted to full extent of the law otherwise Joe is a complete hypocrite about enforcing unconstitutional executive orders in regards to those who have committed no felonies.

  19. Hunter, you are running out of time to repent of your evil ways. Hell is going to be your reward, and there is no escaping it. You may try to glorify your name in false headlines and narratives on this side of the grave, but there will be no mention of you in eternity.

  20. Release the tapes for all to see!

  21. How about when Ukraine was investigating the Biden family of their corruption and they took and destroyed the guy that was investigating them got him fired and everything Joe Budden did within 6 hours it was on National TV so y'all could lie and BC CBS and all of you you can lie all you want but the facts remain you stinking liar

  22. The Biden admin has NO INTEREST in stopping the flow of illegal immigrants, they are trying to figure out how to get them in FASTER to avoid the log jams

  23. Beautiful new teeth, after his real teeth rotted out from crack use. Same orthodonist as his dad. Same ethics, same lies. You are such a stooge, Kimmel. As*-licking stooge.

  24. Hunter is taking way to much crake cocaine, and the junky is been versed to use plausible deniability.

  25. It's all a big joke to Biden and company. One day it will be joke on them .ant watch Jimmie show in long long time and dont every plan on it .he is a waist of a hour of my life .

  26. Name ONE major corporation that has put a KNOWN drug addict on their board. I mean besides Burisma. Hunter claiming he got that job because of his vast experience in "corporate governance" and his talents as a lawyer is just pure BS. Hegot that job for the same reason he is not in prison for multiple federal felonies.

  27. Why is this a story? Oh because republicans lost and America has shunned them now.

  28. How many times have the democrats used the saying I DO NOT RECALL! it's like it's in their DNA to say OT without fear when what they have been accused of is right in your face! If anyone notices they always go to the same reporters to be questioned on air🤔

  29. Lying like daddy does…he signed for it…lying seems to run in the family

  30. Early memory loss and dementia runs in the Biden family

  31. 1:39 It is a crime to make millions of dollars off your father's name? What a load of 💩💩. Let's talk to tRump's son and daughter first before we throw stone. Give me a fckn break.

  32. Hunter is a drug addict bag man for his father, who is destroying America from within.

  33. Think about this: Hunter Biden can remember all his escapades over multiple years to write the book on his drug use, etc. to earn a quick buck selling a book, but he can't remember if he dropped off a laptop that has a proven receipt from the shop owner that holds all kinds of incriminating evidence against him? Give me a break. He knows full well that laptop is his and that he screwed up.

  34. Lying again????….whoa…the usual…

  35. Give us all a break! You are a perverted monster Hunter Biden. Your such a waste of time. You deadbeat!

  36. Hunter Biden is a complete liar

  37. The same old playbook. My regret is not what l did, but that l got caught.

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