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Hunter Biden paid off $450,000 tax lien in 6 days: Report

Hunter Biden’s finances under a microscope as his father, Former Vice President Joe Biden runs for the 2020 presidential election.

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  1. These Bidens make me sick to my stomach. Talk about corrupt, morally bankrupt criminals. And to think, some people in this country actually voted for this clown.

  2. He got the money from his gangster dad, sleepy joe.

  3. you right on the crack . since cocaine is the rich guys drug of choice

  4. imagine how many girlys biden can sniff as president

  5. So how is Biden not disqulified .Americans are very disappointed of our government. Congress. House of representatives

  6. Hey just look what country he went to. Then see how much that country took from their bank. I think you will see that exact amount

  7. Probably paid it off with pilfered /drug money. Then comes up with a big chunk of $$$$ to pay the big. bill.. probably has a perminate pass not to get busted.

  8. Not bad for a crack head. LMFAO

  9. the guy has been a F up all of his life dont expect him to change now, the last cringing thing was the ignoring his illegitimate child, the judge actually had to threaten a subpoena to get him into court, he sounds a lovely man.

  10. He'd like to thank China.

  11. We The People..if that means diddley squat anymore need to demand justice on the scummy bags!!!!

  12. Hey people!! Let's all stop paying taxes boycott until they hold all the Obamas..Clinton's..Bidens..Dossier Gang..Russia Collusion Gang accusers accountable & put in prison for their crimes of TREASON. THAT WAY WE THE PEOPLE CAN INFLUENCE SOME JUSTICE ACTION.

  13. Yes hinter show us your taxes and you creeoy Joe biden and nut job drunk Nancy Pelosi

  14. Hunter under investigation. No nothing to see here. Already problems in the white house. Maybe daddy can threaten another prosecutor. P.O.S.

  15. Aaaaaaaaaand we are supposed to believe the Bidens are legit?? STFU! The entire family is a corrupt pile of useless 💩💩💩

  16. Hunter Biden should be jail for SALLINGOUT our Country

  17. The bidens are criminals!!!!

  18. I am sick of the corruption in this election we the people have been stolen of a great president

  19. 👏👏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸

  20. It’s not corruption unless the politicians are unelected for the crimes against the citizens! Then we the citizens can prosecute the unprotected legal defense of political crimes

  21. Hi John Hunter Biden or do you have to do is check his tax records in China

  22. It is a no-brainer, the Donald will win! Everything is just blah, blah. Trump 2020. ❤❤❤

  23. The CIA and FBI are completely politicalised. This probably began 25 year's ago. When the Clinton’s were in Office.

  24. Biden is a racist criminal.

  25. Watching this 5 or so days before the election, and it is just amazing just how much info is coming out about his finances, and yet he isn’t in jail. Weird

  26. Seriously sooo much evidence for the Biden’s

  27. Simple he got a loan from China come on how come a ABC MSnbc you don't see this on there Democrats are trying so hard to keep it off

  28. Well now we know how he paid this off so quickly now that we know about the emails

  29. He got a loan from a payday lender!

  30. Joe that’s how not really he has millions he is a criminal

  31. I love the American people, but I do not understand why you allow things to be brushed under the carpet

  32. But what about Seal Team 6?

  33. My main account on utube was suspended (banned) when I shared news stories of Hunter Biden’s corrupt bribes taken from Russia, Ukraine and China. Now Utube, Twitter and Facebook are covering for corrupt bribes taken by Hunter and sleepy Joe Biden. Don’t vote for Biden. Biden is corrupt as hell.

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