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Hunter Biden says he never spoke to father about Ukraine business dealings | Nightline

The son of former Vice President Joe Biden says they never spoke about his role in Ukraine and discussed being on the receiving end of Trump’s taunts and not attending his father’s campaign events.



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  2. In Britain we have a name for such a man.

    A lying cunt.


  4. Its unbelievable. Its something out of a Kafka or Orwell novel. Everything is upside down. The American Democratic Party is corrupt as hell. Yet they and the media are accusing President Trump of all kinds of B.S…I never liked Trump, and thought he was crazy when he said the CIA and FBI were illegally spying on him at the behest of Obama. Now it's public record. The Democrats want to undo the 2016 election and kill any Trump ambitions in 2020. The criminal actions of the Democrats desperately need to come to light. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

  5. My dad and I talk all the time he says, yet Ukraine never came up, not at Thanksgiving I guess nor at Christmas. What exactly does he do for a living?. He says he's not a distraction as Bidens polling craters. Seems as if he's been gravy training if his father his whole life. What about the drug addiction? What about him getting kicked out if the Navy?

  6. abc is a fucking joke. biden is a crook and hunter is a fucking liar. btw fuckwitt the american morons arent worried about you showing up.. they are worried about yours and your kiddy touching fathers criminal activities you idiot. hahahaha my dad saw in the paper that was on the board of a eastern european gas company and we never spoke about it lolol

  7. This is why I fucking can't stand and will not watch one thing on ABC anymore! This was a full blown staged interview on behalf of ABC. Nothing but another fully biased network on the far left! By the way ABC, Hunter Biden is a coke head and fucking lying, corrupt Libtard like Creepy Joe 30330!

  8. Dudes like…..I would sail my dad down the river….so I don't go to jail

  9. Has Biden’s wife come up with a reason to vote for her husband yet?

  10. The whole Burisma thing is covered in detail in the New Yorker. Sure he was invited to be on the board because of his name. Foreign companies frequent seek high profile Americans with no specific experience to add some cachet to their name. A little soft nepotism that is pervasive everywhere.

    The big problem came when Joe was then appointed to handle the anti-corruption agenda with Ukraine. It was bad optics, the appearance of impropriety for him to be urging reform when his kid was on the board of a company that had been investigated by Ukraine and UK. They should have handled it then. Staff members should have spoken up. All this was happening right after the son Beau had died of cancer, and Biden’s staff were hesitant to alert him to a complaint about his other son. Biden was willfully naive perhaps.

    But the allegation that Shokin was ousted to protect Hunter’s Burisma salary doesn’t fit the facts. Shokin was actually protecting Burisma, if anything, and had already issued a statement that there was no wrongdoing — which caused the UK investigators to back off. Everyone wanted Shokin gone and it was believed that the new prosecutor would be pro-reform (tho he ended up corrupt too). No foreign policy, no US action was influenced by the relationship. It wasn’t illegal. It just wasn’t smart.

    Give that our government is run by the asset of a transnational crime syndicate, which is systematically dismantling our democracy, this Hunter Biden obsession is absurd. Picking over his personal life, his addictions, his every bad decision in life is just MAGAts opportunity to unleash their violent hatred of liberal elites.

  11. How about why did your dad have the Ukrainian prosecutor fired

  12. This is one b***** fluff interview

  13. Everyone needs a drug addict on their board.


  15. Oh the statement I didn’t tell daddy about my crooked deal means daddy innocent.

  16. "I do not think about them! It is not true, It is bullshit, I do not think about them, I do not. Oh Hi Dad."

  17. make sure you wake up and do the next right thing

  18. Id like to see Biden and son under oath in the Senate.

  19. Leftist are too stupid to learn the lesson that President Trump keeps hitting them with……
    Every time you hit him he will hit you back twice as hard.
    Pick a fight and just like that the story is Hunter and “Daddy” are in deep doodoo!😂

  20. So, the dishonorably discharged drug-using son of draft-dodging father lied about himself
    Anyone surprised that an addict lies?

  21. He is trying to stay out of the spotlight, because if they take a close look, the are going to find things.

  22. No evidence found for their wrong doings ??? Are you really just said that American people or the whole world are stupid ???

  23. This interview is so chopped up and edited its funny. Do a full unedited interview next time. Biden's are corrupt.

  24. ABC is owned by DISNEY aka IGER AKA Clinton, Obama & the DNC. Rahm Emanuel's brother Ari is CEO of PR Firm William Morris Endeavor who represents Joe Biden. That's all we really need to know about this interview, Disney Public Relations Spin Cycle.

  25. Ok, so Bea dies, and then Hunter moves in on the widow. LOL

    I don't even know where to start.

    Let's just say, Eric got iced somehow, and Don Jr. came in on the widow. That would be headline news at ABC. "This is disgusting behavior, he's a predator, etc."

    Bidens though? Justified.

  26. This is hilarious. The Bidens couldn't suck enough cock. ABC snews too.

  27. Here we go. Now they're making up a cover story. He's shaking in his boots now. Lol. Can't wait for them all to go to jail. Including their counterparts Crooked Hillary, and Shift Schiff and Nancy. Plus more.

  28. She could've just given him a blowjob and posted it on PornHub.
    Wouldn't have made a difference.

  29. He looks like a Wes Anderson character

  30. This dude was literally smoking crack after he got discharged from the navy with no experience in energy getting paid something like 100k a month to sit on the board of a gas company owned by Russia’s most corrupt oligarch and they didn’t ask him a single question about it.

  31. Old Uncle Joe is toast lol…

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