Hunter Biden's Finances Face New Scrutiny In Federal Tax Law Investigation

Federal investigators in Delaware are investigating whether Hunter Biden broke federal tax laws. NBC News has also learned new details about how Hunter Biden paid off his $2 million IRS bill. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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Hunter Biden’s Finances Face New Scrutiny In Federal Tax Law Investigation


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  1. I'm guessing pay your fair share another good for you but for 👑 Biden and family exempt.

  2. what? biden's kid is corrupt? this is completely new information to me, because I only get my news from NBC news.

  3. ⚠️ 2000 MULES ⚠️

  4. Did NBC once say all these are just Russian disinformation? NBC is so stupid before, who believe them now?

  5. Oh, Trump wanted Burisma deals with Biden investigated and got an impeachment trial. Now that his father is Potus nothing will happen

  6. This is hardly news. This story broke in October 2020, and was covered up by NBC and other media in order to enhance the chances of Biden in the election. Shame!!! Shame!!! Shame!!! When are you going to talk about the 10% of the China millions being held by Hunter for the "big guy" (Joe Biden) and the accusations by Biden's business partner that Pres. Biden had a central role in pulling down millions through influence pedaling schemes in multiple hostile and corrupt countries.

  7. Let's all b honest…. no way these shady business people would ever do business with hunter…. atleast not without his father…. the only thing hunter had to offer was his daddy…. look into the big guy…. now I know u NBC people don't wanna hear it….1 +1=2… not 1

  8. Yeah, Joe is a LIAR! Among other things… Good grief, if one of Trump's kids… IMPEACH!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wow a little late to the party don't you think Fox News has only been talking about it for about a year if not longer looks like the media is finally turning on their candidate now that his presidential approval rating is at 35%

  10. NBC should be held liable for the damage done to our country.

  11. So Patrisse Cullors gives money to her brother for security, mother & sister for working at her LA mansion, and flys 73k in private jet… And The Big Guy Joe, dolled out nepotism for his kid Hunter to foreign enemy states… a lot in common? Swamp man… the whole thing is a swamp.

  12. It's obviously Joe Biden that made all of these shady illegal deals with foreign governments around the world & just put it under his son's name. These people are the MOST CORRUPT in American history.
    No wonder they're destroying the economy to such a point that I can't afford gasoline or food anymore.
    I'll NEVER VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT EVER AGAIN for as long as I live.

  13. Hunter Biden lavo 3.5 millones de dólares de la esposa del ex alcalde de la ciudad de Moscow Russia🇷🇺

  14. Bet "the big guy" misses Beau. Better late than never eh NBC?

  15. Blame democrats for electing geriatrics in office.

  16. Why not add he was wired 3.5 million from a Russian Mayors wife , you people are unbelievable!! You did not look into the truth before the election I think y’all are complicit in the lyes when Republicans where pointing this out and when Trump was telling the truth! I still won’t watch NBC even if finally telling the truth

  17. 2000 Mules. ALL DEMS COMMITTED TREASON. It's all falling apart for the FAKE president and his crackhead son! GLORIOUS! GOD WINS.

  18. But There IS a direct connection to Joe Biden!! (They shared a bank account)and "10% for the "big guy""..

  19. NEW scrutiny?? All of this information was reported and readily available in mid 2020. NBC is pravda.

  20. Anything to deflect off the trumps

  21. But this is Pewtin Propaganda .. Like the 2016 "meddling" right ? Wake up U Simpletons, it's ALL LIES !

  22. Great one president was a compromised Russian puppet now we have one who's a Chinese puppet

  23. This is just another right wing conspiracy theory. Bloomberg reported that over vaccination may weaken the immune system. Another right wing conspiracy theory. In an unrelated note, "conspiracy theories" will now be called "spoiler alerts."

  24. They say the apple doesn't fall from the tree. So looking at Hinter, what does that say about Joe?

  25. No doubt in my mind….

  26. All corruption is hidden until the dots are starting to be connected and we know that high priced art and private art deals are a way to hide money

  27. Finally finally NBC is speaking truth I wonder what it tastes like coming out of their mouths

  28. All this to cover up Trump's crimes

  29. The press does not have the right to interfere in any investigations.. regardless who their sources are

  30. No one is supposed to know anything about ongoing investigations

  31. We'd like to know what press secretary is disclosing informations into ongoing investigations

  32. CNBC and other news stations are officially under federal investigation into the corruption of the Republican party

  33. TRUMP STRONG !! like ManlyMan Pootin & Talibans & amber heard & ray Epps & theAlabamaLuvBirds