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Hunter Pence’s daring journey to reinvent himself | THE PENCE METHOD | FOX SPORTS FILMS

After spending the tail end of the 2018 MLB season in the minors, three-time All-Star and two-time World Series champion Hunter Pence decides to reinvent his swing in the Dominican Winter League in an effort to make it back to the majors as a 36-year-old free agent.

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Hunter Pence’s daring journey to reinvent himself | THE PENCE METHOD | FOX SPORTS FILMS

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  1. What are your thoughts on Hunter Pence’s journey?

  2. My grandpa is from Houston and grew up an Astros fan, and ever since Hunter was first brought up in Houston, through his career in Philly, he was my grandpa's favorite player. I grew up a Giants fan in the bay area, and he quickly became that to me as well. I love Hunter, and I'm so happy for him to see him succeed again, and I'll never forget all the great things he did in a Giants uniform.

  3. He's so much more than Captain Underpants now. 😉 He is the personification of professionalism. He did what he had to do to get better and make adjustments. I'm proud of him. I'll root for him as long as he's not playing the Cubs.

  4. We miss him in San Fran! I'm really glad he's playing again and having a good season.

  5. Hunter Pence is epic! Went to All-Star game with Rangers too, this guy shows true grit glad he is with the Rangers and love his way of doing things!

  6. I hope my wife is as loyal and real as his one day

  7. I really wish the Phillies had kept him

  8. his wife is a real one i love it

  9. been living in the DR for two years and saw him play at a few games. Had no idea he was here to reinvent his game. Hopefully he can get back on a starting 9 in the MLB

  10. This was extremely well done, Hunter Pence is a Legend forever man…SF will never forget this man.

  11. Much appreciation for his work ethic. Definitely a fan, hope he gets an opportunity.

  12. Unhappy he’s not with the giants but very happy he’s succeeding regardless. The guy is incredible

  13. Forever a Giant I remember seeing him show up to the stadium on a scooter

  14. Lexi is awesome, so much support. She's all over the comment section too!

  15. you have no soul if you disliked this video lol

  16. Okay, but the Mexican music playing in the background is so insulting.

  17. 10:55 It's a Juan Marichal statue. That was his trademark as a pitcher for the Giants, I found rare that he didn't recognized him coming from an Ex-Giant figure

  18. How can you not love him? Class act, hussles every play in any league. Gamer!

  19. He’s a Giant for life, but his heart is King….

  20. This guys plays with heart and passion. Love watching this guy play.

  21. who pences posse since day one here?

  22. If he’s eligible for comeback player he’s winning it hands down

  23. It was a great story. Until he signed with Texas. I'd rather jump off a 20 story balcony than play for the Rangers. For any money.

  24. I am so happy I got to watch this. Pence and Lexi are so real and so loved in tha Bay Area. I loved watching him play. So much heart. So much enthusiasm. Hunter on his scooter. Pence on the fence. remember seeing Lexi on the parade float with him and going? He has a girlfriend? Omg she’s adorable. I hope they get married! And they did. I rooted for him through this whole show. To see for real what they went through after leaving the Giants and fighting to stay in the game he loved was so special. And yet they always stayed so upbeat throughout this whole journey they are on. Together. How special. I will always cheer for both of them. Love them both and wish the best for them always.

  25. When he played for the Astros I remember thinking “this guy is freaky talented”. Swings freaky, throws freaky, runs freaky! Just a freaky good dude too! Congratulations Hunter. You still have Astro fans rooting for you!

  26. This is a great baseball story, beautifully told. Hunter Pence is my new favorite player. I think he has some Comeback Player bonus money coming his way.

  27. Hes all about the weckmethod check it out on insta

  28. This is what baseball is all about!! I will always bleed orange and black just like you pence!! You will always be my favorite giant

  29. I didn't get to watch this when it first aired on TV, but I'm glad Fox Sports posted it on YouTube. Hunter has been my favorite player since 2010 when I opened a box of baseball cards that randomly had two rare Hunter Pence cards in it. Lexi – if you read this, would you let Hunter know that over the years I have asked so many dealers at baseball card shows if they have any Hunter Pence cards that they started referring to me as the Hunter Pence Guy? Also, if he ever wants to talk Magic drafting strategy, let me know 🙂 -Matt

  30. Just an all round outstanding player, a GIANT AT HEART, A GIANT ALWAYS, NO MATTER WHERE NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

  31. This was one of the better baseball videos I have seen in a long time

  32. Lexi and Hunter are a great testimony of partnership in marriage. The humbleness they both show and the support given by Lexi for Hunter as he pays his dues to get back to the majors is inspiring. Thank you for sharing a part of your world. Praying for both of you as you walk through life together.

  33. The bay area misses you Hunter. You'll be a SF Giant for life.

  34. As a Cardinal fan I was always saying "Man, I hate that guy." while really thinking "I wish he was playing for us!"

  35. I'm a Dodger fan but Hunter was always my favorite Giant

  36. I'm an oakland fan. But I'm a baseball fan first. So all the bay area bs aside. I seen pence foul a ball off home plate straight to his eye and wanna stand in the box with a mouse under his eye growing. Great guy. Just missed him on his rehab assignment with Sacramento in fresno but yeah..i respect that man no matter what jersey he's wearing

  37. I miss you Hunter , YOU will always be a San Fransisco Giant in my heart. YOU brought so much to the bay area , strength, humor, passion, talent, smarts, and championships. In my opinion YOU ARE baseball, you honor the game, San Fransisco will love you forever!

  38. This video made me glad that I voted for him for the all star game!! His wife is not only beautiful but also awesome and the kind of wife every man wishes to have.. Congrats to the Pence family!!

  39. So glad he was an all star this year, man deserves it

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