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Hurricane Dorian bringing tropical storm force winds to Florida coast | USA TODAY

Hurricane Dorian diminished to a Category 2 storm Tuesday as it turned toward the U.S.


The National Hurricane Center warns life-threatening storm surge and dangerous winds are still expected along portions of the east coast in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. In the Bahamas, at least five people have died and thousands of homes are in ruins from the “historic tragedy,” Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said.

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  1. Thank God its weakening ! I feel bad for the people in bahamas and I hope we can all come together and help them rebuild what was destroyed . because they definitely took one for the team !

  2. I'm afraid Disneyworld resort and the amusement parks are gonna be destroyed when hurricane Dorian hits that place ! Poor Walt Disney, sure gonna be turning in his grave !!!😨😰😱😭💔

  3. Bullcrap. That storm is being controlled. Just stops for over 30 hours!

  4. Thank the good doctor for quality climatogical reporting.

  5. i watch this at school i started crying!

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  7. Thank you for showing this simple explanation of the hurricane. No bells and whistles, nice and basic to understand.

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