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Hurricane Dorian: Category 2 storm makes its way up east coast from South Carolina to North Carolina

#HurricaneDorian #DorianStormPath

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  1. Praying for the Bahamas and all in Dorians path!

  2. Now Wooody Allen, Placido Domingo? It never stops!

    And breaking news, hurricane Dorian destroys the entire United States, the country does not exist anymore!

    And if you don't have your posse of tornado buddies along with you, then you're not a real hurricane!

    And Kimberly Brooks, that hairrcut….. What the hell is that? How many hurricanes have you been through?

    And what the hell kind of a name is "Fortis Dulo"???

  3. Mam, your hairdo or lack of, really will do more to rid this country of this hurricane if you just get out and let it see you! Your hairdo is disgraceful, you are a fright!

  4. They are excited by storms. They pray for this. Don't believe me? Pay attention to what they SAY. It's weakening BUT it can get stronger…type of shyt smh….RUSHNG on shore!!!! Straight u Devils!

  5. That’s Afro is so 😷 nasty👎🏿

  6. worst channel I've ever watched

  7. Honestly who gives a $hit about President Trump’s map??? Is that the most important thing that needs to be reported right now? ridiculous

  8. Have you bible thumpers ever thought why you get the worst weather in the country, it's God spreading his wrath on you tRump supporting hillbillies!

  9. Left wing libs cram your nose up someone's asshole and let them fart you propably say it smells great

  10. Shit bait so we can listen to their left wing bullshit

  11. I have to unsubscribe this Ignorance channel worse then cnn

  12. DORIAN has a song playing in it's eye wall…it's DOPE…DIE MOTHERFUCKER DIE MOTHERFUKERS DIE!!!!!!!!

  13. Weather Control Around The World 🌎 Hurricane Dorian is just the beginning of the end times.

  14. this heck of a hurricane is hitting NC , IMA DIEEEEEE YYYyyyYYyYyYYAAAAAaaaAaAAAYAYYYYYyyYyYyYyY

  15. I sort of tried to make a small documentary about hurricane Dorian and Florida. I just started this channel and wonder what you guys think of the quality and quantity. Thx and stay safe🇺🇸🌴💕

  16. Praying for N.C. and S.C. yikes tornadoes too! Praying for Virginia too!

  17. really Trump? this is why we need Andrew

  18. Are you, ABC News capable of telling the truth?? Do you just get your "jollies" adding your own "spin" on EVERYTHING our PRESIDENT SAYS!!!!! I watched President Trump's briefing update on Dorian twice. Perhaps you ABC people should SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND OPEN YOUR EARS so you just might comprehend what is being said!!!

  19. People complain about everything. Who cares that Trump showed that map. Meteorologists said there were no chance it would come up the coast and that it would go across Florida into the gulf and COULD hit those states. Here we are the whole East Coast is being hit.

  20. This is a great show, really like it and the hosts.

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