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Hurricane Dorian downgraded to Cat 2, moves toward US | USA TODAY

Hurricane Dorian diminished to a Category 2 storm Tuesday as it turned toward the U.S.


The National Hurricane Center warns life-threatening storm surge and dangerous winds are still expected along portions of the east coast in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. In the Bahamas, at least five people have died and thousands of homes are in ruins from the “historic tragedy,” Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said.

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  1. Definitely agree on the audio!!! This is the third time I have watched different updates on the hurricane, please fix that folks!! 🙂

  2. I hope this Hurricane visits all the Trump strongholds like Alabama and South Carolina. Hope every Trump supporting whitetra$h town gets hit and it blows away all their hillbilly houses. Racist wife beating inbred$ will hopefully get what they deserve for voting republican.


  4. was this done on a cell phone ..recording a TV broadcast me thinks?

  5. Meteorologist: Hurricane Dorian supposed to go up north away from main land

    Hurricane Dorian: Dee dee doodle dee dee doo. Response: Why don't you ask me later?

  6. I'd like to point out you have a microphone on your necktie, please use it, thank you.

  7. He needs a microphone. Can't hear him.

  8. Time to go to the beach and look for old sunken treasure, like mine!

  9. And in other news..epa legallizing asbestos- yay! More cancers!!!👍

  10. Incredibly hard to hear if your not wearing headphones. I appreciate the updates, the sound just needs to be louder. I have my volume at max. Thank you for sharing and reporting!!

  11. Volume hasnt been good threwout your feeds so cant hear hardly im letting u know!

  12. So…. Let me get this straight…. It's only affecting FL & SC? Think you missed a state inbetween there buddy.

  13. Seriously this channel sucks. Please do us all a favor and STOP…. please for god sake.

  14. I feel bad for Bahamas but why is the news still trying to scare Florida lol it’s rain with a wind we get that daily .. enough already we get it you want to keep people scared and watching your video

  15. Really professional .gd yall news sucks

  16. Disney has evil island in Bahamas.Dorian sat on it for 2 days.

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