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Hurricane Dorian leaves flooding, destruction in its wake | USA TODAY

Hurricane Dorian howled over North Carolina’s Outer Banks on Friday, lashing the low-lying barrier islands as a weakened Category 1 storm, and made landfall over Cape Hatteras.
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Flooding on the Outer Banks had some residents seeking refuge in their attics. Hundreds were feared trapped by high water, and neighbors used boats to rescue one another.

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  1. Was in Harvey. All of a sudden it’s pray for people in Dorian, but what happen to the people in Houston. Nobody gave af, instead news sources would only talk about how, “Houston was meant to flood.” I mean shit did they even get 20 inches of rain. I want to see another major city take 55in of rain, see how well that goes.😂

  2. what is the music track for this vid? it is very good

  3. Prayers n Condolences fer all the folks affected, Bahamas n wherever Dorian touched im.

  4. Dont reckon yer gonnaeed any FEMA funds fer recovery as pimp-putins
    DAUGHTER F$CKIN CHILD MOLESTER~~~~~~~~~~~"BED-BUGGY-RUMPY-TRUMPY" spent it on thet wall.

  5. This really doesn't look like much….i mean come on people where used to seeing palm tree looking like there are about to be up rooted as the wind pushs them like nothing. Water so high it over takes cars and whole homes are being washed away. It looks bad, but the only car they showed getting fucked was on the fucken beach lol how'd they even get their car all the way down there??? Hahahha sorry man, it looks bad, but not nearly as bad as some hurricanes of before.

  6. The first scene was a tornado not a hurricane and what's with the music . This video is a classic example of Fake News organization being overly dramatic.

  7. Shoulda played the theme from "JAWS"???

  8. I pray they recover fast at least its not as bad as Harvey

  9. North Carolina is wayyy worse OMG my town is GONE

  10. The cop turned on his lights , was he trying to pull the tornado over? 😔

  11. im so sorry to see and hear about what happend to the people that got involved i wish you guys a good luck from here and where ever


  13. Bad decision USA Today to have some scary background music playing!

  14. This hurricane did most of its damage to the bahamas

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