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Hurricane Dorian: National Hurricane Center predicts storm surge along Florida coast | USA TODAY

National Hurricane Center Director Ken Graham provides the latest forecast for Hurricane Dorian.
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Hurricane Dorian is expected to turn its rage toward the U.S. Tuesday after stalling over the northern Bahamas on Labor Day, killing at least five people. Dorian is forecast to turn toward the northwest, roaring parallel to Florida about 30 to 40 miles offshore, before continuing north along the East Coast deep into the week.

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  1. We have been blessed Amen. However the media continues to lie. They don’t stop. People are just evil to continue to lie.

  2. OH damn! The global warming nuts are going to fall out of their trees over this one.


  3. Father in the name of Jesus
    we command Dorian to go east into the sea 🌊 and we 📜 decree and declare Dorian to die in the name of Jesus Christ amen 🙏

  4. Can somebody explain to me why they're filming a screen when they can show us the screen on the video, FULL SIZE!

  5. Thank god it's over i hope it just fizzles out now thar its been down graded.

  6. After Charley + Frances + Ivan + Jeanne + Katrina, my family moved to the Smoky Mountains. We knew about climate change back then, 15 years ago. In another 20 years, the surviving population will be trying to cram itself into Alaska. Meanwhile, the climate deniers and flat earthers will still be playing their word games.

  7. LAZY
    Has hijacked
    habitats – homelands, taken back from foreigners and fake ‘founding
    fathers’ frauds, faulty family foundations. Git off of the
    coastlines, seashores, sandy rocky beaches; blocking free open
    passage. Evilly
    evolved European Ethnic emigrants = “illegal immigrants” =
    invaders – intruders, inheriting Indigenous Inhabitants, islands
    and inland. Un-a-s-s our originating organisms, MASTER MATRIARCH
    MOTHERLANDS, or else evacuate, do
    or die!!!

  8. Very thankful and I definitely feel like we dodged a bullet! Currently in Fort Lauderdale. It’s currently at 9:56 AM Tuesday the 3rd and so far it’s sunny 😎 windy 🌬 showers. Nothing’s flying away. Phew 😅.

  9. I'm praying for ALL THE PEOPLE! At a time like this it doesn't matter if ur a DEMOCRAT or a Republican! High waters bring destruction and in many cases DEATH! God be with you all! I just hate that it takes Mother Nature to bring out the NATURAL GOOD in us! I have family and many friends living in ALL States affected! Some aren't able to leave because they live in rural areas and have no modern transportation. They live totally off the grid with no one around for miles. A couple of them has no tv radio or cell phones! Primitive huh? I'm praying for ALL THE PEOPLE. Marg- Largo I hope no one is there.

  10. USA responsible for highest amount of C02 emissions, this is nature’s way of saying enuff already !

  11. Volume needs to be adjusted on your end. Turn mic on or adjust it. Speak up louder.

  12. I have family in Bahamas I just want god to be with everybody up there …I from Jamaica so I know them or going through nuff things right now

  13. u should really fix your volume on youtube…like have some..

  14. Nobody cares about Florida anymore. They're fine. Let's talk about the Carolinas!

  15. Lib climate hoax truthers can't tell you what path Dorian will take in the next few days – or HOURS – but want you to believe they've got a lock on predicting worldwide climate patterns well into the next century. Liberals are assclowns. 😆

  16. as someone who has been thru a few hurricanes, this is what people want from media. they want satellite video's, not one's that show 1 hour of movement, one's that show 2 days of movement. you see… people like me don't believe your forecasts, you are wrong way too much, hell, you've already been wrong on this one… we want front information and what the hurricane is actually doing.

  17. Living here in Florida, ya know i feel like we really dodged a bullet with Hurricane Dorian, what happened in the Bahama's could have easily been us.

  18. Oh damn Trump used FEMA money for wall his bag

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