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Hurricane Dorian threatens Florida as Category 4 l ABC News

ABC News Meteorologist Rob Marciano reports from Melbourne Beach, Florida, on the latest projected path of the storm.

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  1. So are there hurricanes controled by sattelite…seem like govt knows where they want hurricanes to hit exact time and exact grid coordinates 😱😳😬🤯…what states next??🤔

  2. Oh, so Trump based his "Alabama" tweet on this original forecast. Cuz it looked like it's going in that direction. Not a major infraction but people are taking shots at him for this. I had to watch older videos to confirm.

  3. HARRP 🙄 looks like this time it wasn't a Gutterball 😞

  4. Were supposed to only get bands of the hurricane where I live

  5. How's that forcast working for you now ABC? 9/3/2019 Wont even hit Florida!

  6. I think it’s gonna Hit us at like a 2 or 1 Irma was supposed to hit at a 4 and it didn’t sooo

  7. Hurricanes are kinda late this year huh? The govt was so busy staging mass shootings they forgot to engineer their fictitious hurricanes.Yes these hurricanes aren't natural at all

  8. Wonder what’s trump doing during this time

  9. I’m waiting for the news article “Florida man shoots at hurricane in angry tirade”.

  10. So sad.. It left the islands with over 300 dollars worth of damage.

  11. Why does the media always put camera crews in the path of hurricanes?? When they say the storm has made landfall, I'm informed. But that isn't enough, it's always " and now with a live report from the beach is our resident dumb bastard"

  12. Sin is bringing the wrath of God to America

  13. I hope everyone in Florida and the Bahamas is safe 😁

  14. Screwed up my Fishing this weekend

  15. Dorian is coming to taste defeat

  16. can this hurricane just come towards my state and make a big u turn so i can get a day off school

  17. Dorian (name)

    Dorian (/ˈdɔːriən/) is a unisex given name of Greek origin. In Greek, the meaning of the name Dorian is of Doris, a district of Greece; or of Doros, a legendary Greek hero. Doros was the son of Helen of Sparta (who was the daughter of Zeus and Leda). Doros was the founder of the Dorian tribe, and the most likely origin of Doros' name was the Greek word "doron", meaning 'gift'. The Dorians were an obscure, ancient Hellenic tribe that were supposed to have existed in the north-eastern regions of Greece, ancient Macedonia and Epirus.

    Another possible origin of the name Dorian, is from the Greek "Dorios", meaning 'child of the sea' .[1]

  18. I live in the Bahamas and its a Cat 5 now good luck stay safe

  19. So, Dorian has become a full on hurricane now. Dorian, what are you going to do next?
    Dorian: I'm going to Disney World!!
    (Credit to the joke's original owner, this is not my joke so credit to them)


  21. o m g, DID U SEE IT NEXT TO NEW YORK- no nyc isnt getting hit they're just close

  22. Fake news ! Heading north! Up the coast of Florida going ty o hit the Carolinas!

  23. Is it coming to Florida cause i searched it up AND it Is going to hit Calorina

  24. LOL Democrats wants a recession to get rid of Trump. Dems wants Florida to get hammered to scream Global Warming and the end is near so they can get votes..

  25. I live in south Florida and I want it to hit us which means no school 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  26. Whoa…hurricanes! I hope they crack out the Weather Channel guy who was "fighting" the wind while random people were walking around that was unphased by the gusts! I mean those people were walking around like "fuck that wind". I also hop Wop Fredo (Chris Cuomo) comes out to shame people for not evacuating. I hope he gets a beat down.

  27. Home Depot was category 6

  28. For those who read this, REPENT!!! Tomorrow is not promised! Tonight is not promised! Your next breath is not promised! Jesus Christ' 1st came as a Lamb! His 2nd coming will be as a Lion!

  29. Trump wants to detonate NUKES into the eye making it stronger lol.

  30. Why can't all Florida people get in a big boat for anyone away hurricane

  31. is va going to be affected

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