Monday , August 2 2021
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Hurricane Dorian’s storm surges matter more than its category: Scott

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) on how Florida is preparing for Hurricane Dorian and meeting with Trump ahead of the storm.

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  1. Senate is Scott and Governor also Scott and both have meetings with trump. What🤔? Scottism🤗.

    She the news reader has many sister's like sibling's and carrier's.

  2. King tide and surges…up to 13ft in some places…stay safe


  4. Foxbusines???
    You mea Dumpbusiness

  5. Im a democrat and If I could trade the lives of everyone in Florida so trump doesnt win I would do it.

  6. I hope there is a lot of devastation.

  7. Fake news? Move to Florida and experience some reality.

  8. why a senator and not the governor

  9. The big one is coming for Florida in the near future bet on that!

  10. High ground does have its advantages. Stay safe out there.

  11. What also matters is being lied to by the news about the weather, which is what you have now. People you need to do alil research and soul searching on this subject and you will find we are being lied to. Weather wars and weather manipulation and psycgological operations on herding the masses. Think for yourself, draw your own conclusion stop letting someone dictate reality

  12. Making money…for the Bahamas..using a fake eye. Please. I been checking live cams Nassau and Miami. A little rainy but sunny in Miami. Hurricanes don't stay stationary. You better have the bahamas money though. People in Florida so pissed the data the news says doesn't match up what real weather people terrorize you w

  13. I hope everyone on the coast stays safe.

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