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Hurricane Laura damage in Orange, Texas | USA TODAY

Statesman reporter Heather Osbourne reports from the scene of a neighborhood in Orange, Texas, the morning after Hurricane Laura hit the area. Uprooted trees fell on houses and blocked streets.
RELATED: More destruction from Hurricane Laura https://youtu.be/obpqZh_XEjk

Check out the Austin American-Statesman channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf0aMG-_d_ol_7BEllE3kRw

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  1. My hometown. ❤️.. prayers for all


  3. Nothing happened. The news is searching for anything. No water, no wind – 1 tree.

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  5. Not he said he heard the roof fall😂😂😂😂u mean tree

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  8. Thank you Heather for your observations and video

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  12. You tell,don,t we see it ourselves go home lady .live in my street 🤬

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