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Hurricane Nicholas hammers Texas coast

The Category 1 storm made landfall south of Houston on Monday night, and the storm surge flooded roads. The storm is now threatening Louisiana with up to 20 inches of rain across the state.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Thanks God Ted Cruz is safe in Mexico 🙂

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    you made you bed Texas…
    Not one good thought, not one singular prayer for any beast who lives within those boarders…
    Give it back to Mexico, that place is foul…

  5. ABC TUHAN YME DKk basmi kw basmi kota Jakarta pinuh kepalsuan

  6. Wow trying to clean up after one hurricane when there's another hurricane on the way


  8. It was a very minimal hurricane. We have thunderstorms with more wind where I live.

  9. Amazing what damage weather warfare. None were/are natural Katrina, Ida, Nicholas, Betsy….DEWS destroyed Paradise, CA trees burned from within, cars were melted and bushes beside homes were not even touched, this is as they all, not by accident…Mother Nature is not the problem, climate change is total bullshit.

  10. Break out the carbon tax credits to help eliminate climate change.

  11. What a month. We're gonna go through the whole alphabet in the course of a month…fred, grace ida nicholas….condos falling over, delta variants….what a month.

  12. I think instead of rebuilding grants, the government should instead help people to move inland

  13. Wonderful..destroy republicans incest terrorist cell Texas…

  14. * Hello American citizens, in this time all us should is asking for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris impeachment. Both are destroying USA and each day more this country became much more vulnerable!

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  16. You guys in USA still have power poles? Holy crap, that's so old. Even in a developing country like Croatia, we have most of power now underground. Your country looks like a third world country, so neglected and underdeveloped. All that money spent on wars should have been spent on infrastructure.

  17. Successfully done i n t e l l e c t w e b s

  18. Stay safe everyone love to all ameen ✨💖✨

  19. Dr. Liar Fauci…good think he has radical left news….

  20. I fully support this hurricane. Go Nicholas! Wipe out that stupid red state before it destroys itself.

  21. man prayers going out to people of texas Louisiana, RI, New york especially , NJ and Conn.

  22. Wow just a cat 1 hurricane did that damage?

  23. God please protect them from this calamity .amen.


  25. I wanted to hear about the hurricane don't show me fauchi

  26. Fake news. They make it seem worse and more dramatic than reality

  27. Sometimes they tell the people these things are coming days before and then you don’t hear nothing and you got something big like this I don’t understand I don’t understand

  28. Not sure why people choose to stay in Hurricane weather states. They never learn. It's just going to get worse especially for the morons who do not believe in climate change.

  29. Imagine all the men and young boys named Nicholas who are getting jokes made at them right now… I feel bad for any dude named Nicholas at this time. LOL

  30. And there's nothing else to cover right?
    Let's move on, right?
    Let's keep the game hot, right?
    What else are you and he up to?
    We'll not forget the innocent and young, I mean, very young Afeganistan girls who are right now getting raped because of this evil man and his accomplices.
    He's not sick. He's making money and playing the senile.
    And his team also is in it to its neck.
    This is crime!!!
    Blind liberals!
    Look what you did.
    The blood is in your hands.
    It's your fault those little girls are screeming there right now.
    It's your fault our soldiers died there protecting our people, yet democrats and republicans, from those monsters.
    It's your fault that our $85 billion dollars military base, equipped with the most sophisticated weapons, airplanes and equipments are now in the hands of the most heinous people one could know about in this earth.
    It's your fault that the Church of Jesus Christ has been tortured and decapitated there.
    It can't be fixed.
    You don't care, right?
    It's not your daughter.
    It's not your son that died there in a trap.
    Open your eyes and repent, you fools.
    May God judge this cause.

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