Friday , September 24 2021
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Hurricane Nicholas slams Gulf Coast overnight l GMA

The Western Gulf Coast was hammered with flash floods and storm surge as heavy rain and high winds barreled through parts of Texas.

Tropical Storm Nicholas updates:

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. Hold tight y'all. San Antonio is on our way to help out. Houston strong!

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  4. we literally had ida like what three weeks ago

  5. It's only water. Texas will be fine.

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  7. You could not pay me to live near the Gulf.

  8. #Mentosmoat so you put the mentos around the trees dig the holes and put them in the dirt. This soda taped around the tree upside down and then open the cap let it flow and see something exploding in that dirt. I am the Goddess Morgan! Have fun!

  9. At least 7 trees were downed in Houston and 4 homes were without power. So, things were pretty much normal.

  10. Couldn't happen to a more deserving state.

  11. Lord calm the storm I pray give them a second chance…

  12. OMG….It's been sunny with no wind in S. Padre Island. They make it sound like all of Texas and all gulfcoast.

  13. No rain in my area, just a bit windy and cloudy.

  14. Let’s pray for them. Just a reminder God came in the flesh to die and rise so that if we believe that He is the messiah we may be gifted eternal life through His grace by the blood that He shed on the cross for us

  15. Texas deserves it. Silly republicans.

  16. But there is no climate change.

  17. Noooo. How are people supposed to get their poison shots????? Maybe fake news will say how?????

  18. Where are the reports on Afghanistan women's hands being cut off? 6 yesterday.

  19. Great, now I'm a hurricane! 🙁

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