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Hurricanes survive late Strikers scare to stay unbeaten | KFC BBL|10

A record last-wicket partnership created a few nervous moments, but the Hobart Hurricanes ultimately proved too strong for the Adelaide Strikers in their match at Blundstone Arena


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  1. Please don't publish the match result in the title. Let there be suspense till the end.

  2. Those who are noticing Meredith 🤚

  3. Low order batsman top performance

  4. Rashid khan is the son of Americans..Fathers…

  5. The selfish viscose ultimately thaw because cellar timely greet in a barbarous list. clumsy, impartial gender

  6. Well done adeliade striker batter worrel

  7. Really exciting tale enders!

  8. 1:37 What's happening in the studio? 😂😂

  9. Darcy short can only perform in bbl

  10. Worall and Briggs could've done a Tewatia

  11. This number 9814467227 call me whatspp koi dikat ya problm ho x

  12. So much respect for siddles career but wow, with a haircut like that you really want him to go for plenty

  13. 1:09 If that catch had been taken, Strikers could have pulled off an epic win.

  14. Love to see Botha Again ❤️
    childhood memory

  15. Thants fighting spirit from bowlers is required ✌️✌️✌️

  16. 06:30-Typical Faulkner slower ball.

  17. 04:07-Pure class from James Faulkner.What a delivery.

  18. A very hard fight for strikers they had not given up the fight until the end they work hard 👍

  19. Why faulkner did not playing aussie

  20. What a match ,Worall and briggs fought well in the end💥💥

  21. The lovely eyes that are reading this comment may God bless his parents.
    And dear brother, come to my channel and help me too ..

  22. I had Worrall as a P.O.D. player in SuperCoach. Should have captainised him!

  23. Worrail outstanding batting🙄🙄🙄🙄 pressure situation ,hobart is hatrick win mtch created bowlers 🙄🙄

  24. Why is this not available in England?

  25. It's always delightful watching BBL

  26. Bbl ke sabhi match ke sassion or match result ki full guaranty nhi to haare hue paise wapas.
    +1717456-8190 pr whats app krye predection direct Australia se di jayegi

  27. I came only for rashid Khans over 😂

  28. Why do I do perpetually see empty stadiums at the big bash?it’s such a shame

  29. Jonathan Well wicket lose Adelaide Strikers lose match

  30. Me: I want see highlights of this match

    Le akshay: hold my (24) patties

    Me: are bhai bhas kar !😭😭

  31. Wow what a partnership at the end!

  32. They lost the match but the 10th wicket partnership remained not out… good one.

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