Husband Secretly Records Wife Allegedly Poisoning Him With Drain Cleaner

A Southern California dermatologist was arrested for allegedly poisoning her husband using drain cleaner. NBC News’ Steven Romo reports on how the husband put up a hidden home camera due to suspicions following a gastritis diagnosis. 

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  1. She needs to go to prison

  2. No Asian doctor will ever touch me! This is the 4th time av heard of an Asian poisoning someone else!

  3. If y’all are this unhappy like get a divorce wtf

  4. Why do these morons think that they can get away with murder?

  5. That must be someone else who looks exactly like her.

  6. I couldn't do this to my worst enemy my conscience wouldn't allow it.

  7. She did it, evil woman.
    Men can also be victims.

  8. It is disgusting that she was released on bail. If it had been him poisoning her, they wouldn't have given him a bail option. He has proof that she poisoned him and she still gets sympathy. She is a direct threat to the safety of her family and the public

  9. Reminds of the movie the sixth sense. Why? Premeditated =jail time and no psychiatric crap!

  10. "Book her Draino!…er Danno." After Dan McGarret, Hawaii 5-O.

  11. Attempted murder with bond?

  12. hahahaha I think she thought he hasn't poop for a few months that drano would help

  13. I feel like this has something to do with a life insurance policy

  14. Here are we preparing for aliens when they live amongst us. Smh

  15. It's a misunderstanding, that was just a large red bottle of liquid msg.

  16. Brutal hatred … hope he didn't drink it more than once ..

  17. Absolutely disgusting shame on her how can she do something like that he has living in a big house and everything disgusting she should be grateful!!!

  18. We need tougher Drano laws!

  19. My mother used to tell me “if you don’t marry your lover, you will marry your enemy”. 😏

  20. She watched F is for family

  21. The worst is the vicious unrelenting malice underlying her actions. It's hard to overlook as you try just to forgive.

    The shared custody of the kids is another war-front, because those kids whom you love so much, cannot at this point appreciate it.

    They love their Mom, and she will manipulate this to continue to (this time) poison their souls against your image and symbolism to their lives.

    They will be powerless to this manipulation by her, afterall, you too once loved her before and when they were conceived, and they will view themselves an extension of her still, for some time to come.

    Be prepared for this, and never stop loving them. Never stop loving!

  22. Probably the intent was to flush his system? Or unclog his arteries?

  23. She probably thought it was optional.

  24. she needs to be arrested for attempted murder .

  25. What about their children? Don't they live with them?

  26. Ironic you'd support the message that men can be and are victims of DV or IPV in this instance but tried so hard to push the narrative that Johnny Depp wasn't.
    Why haven't you issued a statement or apology for the Savannah Guthrie interview of AH?
    Your own expert said in this clip we have to support men who come forward.

  27. We absolutely need to take the stigma against men who are abused by their women spouses. Even though it’s more likely men against women.

  28. Wait wait wait wait wait wait she was a doctor and she used Drano where did she get her degree at Toys R Us.smh

  29. Not happy. Get a divorce. Skip the Draino program.

  30. only a small bit like antifreeze give it a sweat taste lol put it on my steaks

  31. Oh THIS Drain-O….I thought that was Creamer. Oops my bad. Three times, each time I thought that was the coffee creamer…or the powdered sugar for your hot lemonade dear. 🤯