Hush money in COVID origin probe? | WNN

The CIA says it’s looking into accusations that several of its members, tasked with pandemic analysis, were paid “hush money” to shift their position regarding the virus’ origins.



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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Has anyone but me googled how many gain of function labs are in the U.S.? I know Austin Texas has one. At the University of Texas. What else does Austin have a lot of? BATS.

  2. We’ll probably have another 911 during the same exact time a press release stating the truth airs on tv just like on 911 2001 when a press release about 2.3 trillion dollars that vanished into thin air. 🇺🇸

  3. The entire executive branch is rotten to its roots.

  4. The cia investigating themselves? What could go wrong?

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  6. Did Covid come from Fort Detrick? During July 2019 nearby US Green springs rest home started having Covid deaths.

  7. Wow … imagine if this was mainstream news

  8. Pediatric ventilator nurse , I had long covid NEVER got covid relief pay because I called unemployment and never got a call back. I come to now find out that people that were at home or working from home non medical personal got paid thousands?? We talk about change but not too many want to be bothered.

  9. It’s time for crooked, Pharma shill Fauci to get out

  10. They want records of bonuses paid? A briefcase full of cash has no record. FIGURE IT OUT!

  11. SHHHH… don't let them know the world knows.. they might pee themselves..

  12. Brennan and Clapper.. it all makes sense now

  13. Wow!!! nice to see ABC finally getting somewhat HONEST in their reporting 🎉

  14. this is not news… low confidence, in CIA terms, we heard it from a paid informant who drinks too much.. We heard about this report a long time ago. lol booo

  15. “Liar, liar, pants on fire”!

  16. BAHAHAHAhahaahahajaa😂😢😮😅🤣😜

  17. What did China Lab make in USA, no reports out of why over 2 thousand mice was. Found dead. 😡😡

  18. Banana republic has honor over USA.

  19. It was NANCY PELOSI w all her millones

  20. So the CIA is going to investigate themselves? Lol this should be fun.

  21. It’s all been a huge lie. A scam to make the elite and their political establishment wealthier and more powerful. Don’t believe anything the MSM tells you. Don’t believe the politicians, military leaders, corporate spokespeople, trust no one. There is war against us. And it isn’t Russia, or China, or any other foreign boogeyman coming for us. The enemy is within!!!

  22. they can't accept the fact dirty yellow mom key's hygiene problem can cause virus , thus it must be leaked from a lab , it's called confirmation bias

  23. As our Alzheimer's president tells you to go get another vaccination 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 yep it a democrat paradise.

  24. This is something you won't see on MSM; BREAKING NEWS: House Freedom Caucus Holds Press Briefing After Launch Of Impeachment Inquiry,