Thursday , August 11 2022

Hutchinson On Mark Meadows Saying: ’Things Might Get Real Real Bad On Jan. 6’

Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to Mark Meadows, shared a conversation she had with Rudy Giuliani and Meadows before Jan. 6. Hutchinson recalled Meadows saying, “Things might get real real bad on Jan. 6.” 
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  1. Note to Trump- you can't TRUST REAL PATRIOTS.

  2. Yes thank you for your lies you lied under oath what a hero you are great job

  3. Republican Party. Has. No. Bottom

  4. Anyone know what's going on at the petrol prices why they so high

  5. Wouldn't it be nice if the GOP didn't lie and discredit the witness? Not one MAGA will change their mind. Trump isn't getting arrested. He might be president again. This will end America. There is nothing we can do now to stop this. We waited way too long and the time for justice has come and gone unfortunately.

  6. Thank You Cassidy for showing more grace, honesty and patriotism than the office you served.

  7. For some reason it seems Democrats only vote on Presidential election years – you have to vote this fall or whenever there is an election, vote blue – aren't you tired of living in a backwards Republican minority controlled country?

  8. Cassidy is so beautiful inside and out… willing to stand up for the truth that many more older Republicans wouldn't… Bravo

  9. This baby girl is 25?? I wasn't allowed outside at age 25!!

  10. American people are starving gasoline $6 food prices high interest rates high and they worry about Trump,this all congress should be in jail for corruption including Biden and his corrupt Hunter,disgraceful and disgusting 🤮 people

  11. The 2000 MULES gave you the Biden Administration. (No Jan 6th without them)
    Now YOU pay the GAS BILL.
    Find out who they are…..

  12. Trump has the intellect, vocabulary, and temperament of a 3rd grade bully.

  13. young lady is truly courageous and patriot thank you

  14. The Current and Future Republican Enemies Of Democracy like Mark Meadows identified by the 6 Jan., Committee deserve a date in Criminal Court with Lady Justice.

  15. Well you know Cassidy Hutchinson must be a liberal because only liberal women tell the truth. This is just another dumb set up by the Democrats to try and get Trump. You would think they would’ve given up by now, but noooooo, gotta get Trump.

  16. In contrast to Hutchinson, Meadows comes off as an incredibly shallow cowardly man.
    There's hardly anything redeeming about him.

  17. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  18. She lied just likes she was supposed to

  19. I put evidence on T shirts and coffee mugs showing the election was being rigged everyone should wear my t shirt showing it and show up to these hearings with them on to shut them all up because they are being coached !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Why did millions of Evangelical Christians in 2016 & 2020 allow a wolf to become shepherd of the flock & surrender the fate of American people to the mercy of the malicious?

  21. Well let’s see the character assassination number the FOX News
    Murdoch team will now roll out attacking WH aide Cassidy Hutchinson.
    It’ll be a whopper I’m sure.


    IT'S ALL…………ONE SIDED ONLY!!!!!!!


    IT'S ALL…………ONE SIDED ONLY!!!!!!!


    IT'S ALL…………ONE SIDED ONLY!!!!!!!

  25. NBCNews people reading into a one sided clown show!!? You All are clowns I swear you must be illegitimate children of Liz Cheyney, what a joke!!

  26. She might be trying to look like she is concerned, but can read her as she is , a

  27. Trump was and is an unhinged lunatic!!!