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I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or scream: Lyon

Nathan Lyon spoke with cricket.com.au ahead of day two to reflect on a special opener to the Ashes and what his side learned from a tough start to the Test


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  1. Is the host the same guy who got wrecked by Dhoni in a press conference in 2015?

  2. I love the game spirit of Lyon . He is a little underrated but he always give his 100%

  3. Was he the same reporter which was trolled by Mahendra Singh Dhoni 😁😁😁😁??????

  4. slap on english crying faces now use that yellow paper for your asses
    well done steve👍🏼

  5. I did cry but only because the sandpaper was too painful.

  6. How to bowl Steve Smith every balls are easily play him in test cricket lot of experience bowlers also confused how to bowl Steve Smith

  7. Without starc Australia teams is nothing

  8. I just wanted to cry but my happiness hold my tears


  9. Bowlers on top but Smith century brilliant

  10. Brilliant recovery Australia 122 for 8 to 284 excellent batting Steve Smith brilliant support from Lyon siddle

  11. 100 time better than Kholi #sSmith the Champion

  12. Steve the marvelous terror in cricket

  13. English fans hate smith however smith spread love for everyone because he knew that if u spread hate then one day this world will be full of hate/haters so no place for hate he is true gentleman who fall and rise like Sun love from NEPAL after all its gentleman game.

  14. He answered all English fans who boooowed at him ….with his bat….

  15. I mean everything he has been through is his own fault……

  16. I have seen this reporter somewhere 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Are we all forgetting that he’s a cheating bastard and shouldn’t be allowed to play test cricket?

  18. Do you guys notice ?? I think this is the same journalist who was called upon by dhoni during 2016 T20 World Cup who asked him about his retirement

  19. Anyone notice..that…the journalist… same from the press conference of dhoni..asking about his retirement after the match

  20. The thumbnail shows the best cricketer ever… applauding batsman Steve Smith

  21. Real goat Smith is showing fake goat kohli as to how it is done. Smith is the greatest test batsman after Don Bradman. Kohli is not even close to Smith in tests just like Smith is not even close to kohli in odi's. Smith is the Ronaldo of cricket. He performs when it matters

  22. England fans show sand pepper to David warner

  23. Steve Smith is a special character person. The way he batted is beautiful. He was booed by many but he batted well in the difficult situation in difficult wicket condition. He answered audience with his bat and showed English people how to bat in hard time. What a beautiful lesson we could learn from you. Steve Smith please keep up the good work. Me and my family is with you.

  24. Is the reporter the same guy who questioned Dhoni's retirement plans

  25. He is so strong and real superman in cricket.

  26. Again he will be no. 1 in tests….

  27. Amazing treat to watch his inning

  28. Even though smith doesn't have proper technique and good talent,he is working hard in nets and making runs.great batsman

  29. Tim paint is the worst captain ever in australian history does not know who to bowl and how to set the fields

  30. Isnt this the reporter who asked dhoni about his retirement in 2016 t20 wc!! It was a quite funny response from MS Dhonj

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