Sunday , January 17 2021
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I don’t think Biden will inherit ‘an economic crisis’: James Freeman

The Wall Street Journal assistant editorial page editor James Freeman discusses what a Democratic-led Senate under a Joe Biden administration could look like. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Joe is medically unfit to be in any public office and the demoturds he is appointing are communist damage. Enjoy America,…u deserve it!

  2. No he wont. But he going to creat one. And start building china better. Asap

  3. No matter the stock market crash one needs to have different portfolio, I already invested in Crypto which are really profitable

  4. He will create an economic crisis if he gets away with stealing the election.

  5. Epstein goons.The lot.Never forget

  6. Biden will most likely see a economic boom once the vaccine is out to the general population and everyone spends like crazy from quarantine

  7. Bitcoin is the feature investing in it now is the wesest thing to do now especially the current rise

  8. Trump 2020 nobody changed that

  9. American will not work for 100 days . You will be treated as you treated the American people. He will be known for the president who lost the people's money and taxes

  10. Biden will not keep any promises hes made during his campaign at least Trump did if Trump couldn't do an executive order for stimulus checks how will Biden just saying

  11. CHALLENGE: Name 1 time the economy was worse in Democrat hands in the past 30 years, and I can name 2 republicans within the past 30 years that crashed it!

  12. No he’s going to make it a crisis because he’s going to open the borders and all the cousins are going to come and spend all the money back to their countries

  13. 311,073 deaths 17,143,942 covid cases, 3000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after the WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after the shutdown.

  14. Ooops. Now even Mitch McConnell accepts the election result. What you guys got left?

  15. trump Didn't hand the country back as Obama did, NOW now.🙊🙊🙊

  16. Joe Biden will walk into a empty house because trump sold everything to the Russians

  17. He may not inherit an economic crisis but he sure will build a big one better

  18. New President new opportunities. I wish you good luck

  19. Trump supporters are losers. Repeatedly

  20. Investing in crypto is the only big chance of making money

  21. Omg Fraud man to cheat American 🇺🇸

  22. The only thing this traitor should inherit is a prison cell


  24. He is the crisis himself. The US will let itself become another People's Republic. Now is the very point of no return.

  25. Biden is the CRISIS. We must teach the GOP a lesson. They work for the PEOPLE!

  26. "There is no war in Ba Sing Se."

  27. Inherit a safe place where as one crosses the threshold a loud link follows ; with his old friend darkness to keep him company.

  28. Lincoln forewarned us in his Lyceum Address! “ At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer. If it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide."

  29. 😷😷😷😷😷. 🛁🙌

  30. Joe Biden will not be president or step foot in the oval office

  31. One Year Prediction: 1. Recession 2. War In Middle-East

  32. Biden will NEVER be president, except maybe of a cell block in Guantanamo.

  33. Biden won't inherit an economic catastrophe, he will create an economic catastrophe.

  34. Hunter Biden , And The Boss ,Joe Biden ARE CORRUPT AND THE MSM FAKE NEWS COVERED FOR BIDEN ! Old , Senile, Corrupt Biden , CHEATED , STOLE THIS RIGGED PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION ! Americans Need To Stand Up And STOP THE STEAL ! Liberal Control Bias Fake News STILL LYING ABOUT " BASELESS CLAIMS " There Are REAL VOTER RIGGING CRIMES ! Don't Care Who You Voted For , Americans Should ALL BE CONCERNED ABOUT ELECTION INTEGRITY ! We Must Have True , Fair , Free Elections , Or We Don't Have An America ! God Bless Our Pres. Trump

  35. Biden is an economic crisis !

  36. No, he wont inherit one. Trumps got the economy smokin. He will cause it!

  37. No he will not inherit an economic crisis. He will create one. What a creep.

  38. Biden and his son should be in prison. The whole family should be in jail

  39. Creepy Joe will NOT be President.

  40. People tend to forget that the federal government funds are your tax dollars or your good name to borrow on.

  41. " I don’t think Biden will inherit ‘an economic crisis’: James Freeman – James, u r so right cuz Trump will still be the Prez. !

  42. I don't think we have to worry about Joe inheriting anything, thank God !

  43. He won’t inherit it because he won’t be president!

  44. Biden is not and will never be President! American people don't believe he even got 50 million votes! Stop you BS FOX

  45. This economy is ready and tearing to go? Look around people are out if work out if food and out of their houses. Get it right

  46. China joe and his cronies are going to prison for treason and corruption!

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