I PREDICTED THIS WOULD HAPPEN! // Fitness Try On + WILDERNESS trip // Fashion Mumblr Vlog

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What I’m Wearing:
Green floral dress – https://bit.ly/37MzC9x
Squiggle hoops – https://apprl.com/al/7kE6/
Guerlain EDP – https://bit.ly/3lAhjb9
Ultimate Leggings – Lime Green Regular – https://bit.ly/3aEUeSr
Tennis Oversized Funnel Zip Sweatshirt – White – https://bit.ly/3xAL5Ub

Adanola Pieces:

Shop Adanola – https://bit.ly/3zt8Y1g
Tank Bra – Desert Beige – https://bit.ly/3myuQjU
Ultimate Crop Shorts – Desert Beige – https://bit.ly/3aGKfMq
Tennis Oversized Funnel Zip Sweatshirt – White – https://bit.ly/3xAL5Ub
Ultimate Leggings – Desert Beige Regular – https://bit.ly/3O2VHjN
Oversized Sweatshirt – Desert Beige – https://bit.ly/395ksx0 – [currently sold out but sign up for back in stock notifications!] Sweat Shorts – Desert Beige – https://bit.ly/39cfyhX
Contrast Stitch Vest – Dark Olive – https://bit.ly/3mu6fNe
Tennis Sweat Shorts – White – https://bit.ly/395kkh0
Tank Bra – Milk White – https://bit.ly/3NA692H
Ultimate Leggings – Lime Green Regular – https://bit.ly/3aEUeSr
V Neck Bra – White  – https://bit.ly/396pJEF
Move More Sweat Shorts – Lime Green – https://bit.ly/3mtXRxd
Move More Oversized Sweatshirt – Lime Green – https://bit.ly/3tlYLja – [currently sold out but sign up for back in stock notifications!] Keyhole Bra – Lime Green – https://bit.ly/3aI5u0z
Oversized Funnel Neck Zip Sweatshirt – Coffee Bean – https://bit.ly/3mxfJHr
Ultimate Crop Shorts – Mocha Brown – https://bit.ly/3xALRk3
Tank Bra – Mocha Brown  – https://bit.ly/3zsAcEY
Ultimate Leggings – Mocha Brown Regular – https://bit.ly/3tlYMDK
Cross Back Bra – Espresso Brown – https://bit.ly/3tlYAEw
Ultimate Leggings – Espresso Brown Regular  – https://bit.ly/3NzXywI
Socks 3 pack – https://bit.ly/3tpByNd

Cle de Peau serum – https://bit.ly/3trO6U8
111Skin – https://bit.ly/3QiZewk [USE CODE JOSIEFF FOR 10% OFF]

00:00 – Flower Arranging
04:16 – Petal Confetti
05:21 – Workout Haul & Gym Session
29:50 – Suffolk Trip
34:32 – 111 Skin Treatment & Products
36:33 – Photoshoot & Dinner
40:33 – Morning Skincare
48:30 – Exploring & Cycling
51:15 – Outro

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❤ Camera that I filmed this video on – http://bit.ly/2S48HsH
❤ I also use this camera for smooth shots – http://bit.ly/2BlXDkF
❤ I use this camera for the *pro* looking shots – http://bit.ly/2HVcRTi


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  1. Could you use a tripod with your camera?

  2. Jose , even though I’m about 35 years older than you are , I love your classic style and home information vlogs ! I’ve only been to U K once and have been near to where your located and love all the places you show us ! I definitely want to go back and see these other locations as they are presented so thoroughly each week ! Maybe even book Strawtop cottage 😃

  3. Josie darling, really wish you would have also included a room tour while at The Reserve. It would have been the icing on the cake of what appears to be a very beautiful place. But thank you for showing us around the property 🥰

  4. sporty! great video and looking forward to my adanola pieces winging their way to me in australia soon! x

  5. That really was an enchanting bouquet, amazing texture and shape. The garden is really blooming and taking on a life of it’s own. You and Charlie (and of course the gardeners) have really created a paradise at your home <3

  6. it’s so adorable how you talk about a 3.5 hour car journey as long heheh. It takes 6 to 7 hours to get from my city in Australia to the capital city of my state 😂

  7. Where is your white cardigan at 39:00 from? 🙂

  8. Hi Josie, thank you for a lovely sporty volg. 😉💕

  9. Sporty ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿love

  10. I live in Suffolk 😊❤️ xxx

  11. Why don’t you have a little tripod? Don’t they work? Are they versatile enough? Sorry about your camera. Sporty

  12. Lovely vlog as always, enjoyed it so much. Excited to see the kitchen xx

  13. The countryside is so beautiful! Riding the bike around is the sporty thing to do.😅

  14. Strangely, I had just watched Joe Sugg’s recent vlog and he was staying at the same Suffolk retreat. I guess their PR group is busy! Your vlog was lovely- I really enjoyed the soft piano over the garden and wildlife scenes.

  15. Sporty 🚲 enjoyed as always. Sorry about your camera 📸

  16. Sporty! Always finish them! A good one once more. Thanks

  17. SPORTY! Thank you
    for this lovely vlog. Good night Josie 🌃

  18. Please don't call yourself an idiot, we should all speak to ourselves as kindly as we would speak to others and it surprised me that you spoke to yourself like this. Be kind to yourself, we all make mistakes, it's easily done.

  19. So entertaining.thank you.that massage looked so relaxing.

  20. Gorgeous countryside and liking your ‘Sporty’ look 👍

  21. Hello Josie! Thank you so much for this amazing video! I do love to know England countryside through your eyes… and yes, your sporty clothes are beautiful in green!!!!

  22. I always feel like I need to bring the colours outside in my home. Being in Greece I gravitate towards olive green, sky blues and bright yellows. The same goes with seasonal smells: now it's basil, honeysuckle, jasmine, salty water breeze, citrucy smells, rosemary,fig. Am I the only one who does this? Anyway, thank you for this sporty vlog.

  23. Wilderness made me think of my childhood….I grew up camping in the woods all over the Eastern US…..eating outdoors, sitting around a fire at night in darkness, lakes, streams and total solitude. That was such a lovely place to see. Sporty!

  24. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  25. Yay! Thanks for sharing this wonderful place! And yes I watched and enjoyed the entire v!og! SPORTY .. So sorry about your blogging camera oops xx

  26. I love the gardens.
    Sporty 🙃

  27. Down time is so important! I love exercise down time too, zero thinking! . My kids (3 and 6) have quiet time as a rule during the day on weekends and ever since they’ve been born, I’ve made it a rule that I rest then, watch tv, sleep, read, anything for me. A long drive it great for down time too. If a podcast or a book makes you happy when you’re taking that time, I think that’s what makes you happy. 🥰

  28. Hi Josie- best to keep the rose petals in a paper bag not plastic as they will go funny and discoloured. Love the vlog. No more balancing acts

  29. Sporty 💙
    Love you 💙

  30. Sporty 🤍
    I would love to swap my life with yours. It looks so beautiful and perfect

  31. Sporty 🤍
    I would love to swap my life with yours. It looks so beautiful and perfect