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'I still can't believe it': Ponting stunned by Stokes

Ricky Ponting compares Ben Stokes’s remarkable century at Headingley to Brian Lara’s epic in Barbados in 1999 and reflects on the half chances Australia missed


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  1. Some are born GREAT freaks .😈

  2. Ricky Ponting is as tough as nails, a great test player.

  3. As an Englishman, I have a lot of respect for Ponting and agree with everything he says here

  4. A really good honest appraisal of a tremendous days cricket. Ponting, always a great sportsman.

  5. Too many mistakes by Aussie skipper drs,field placing also Aussie 2nd innings 246 not enough especially with 3 days to go and great weather also Tim Paine has done nothing with the bat and he’s skipper

  6. Great if you’re English, stinker if you’re an Aussie. As Ponting stated, not a technically-pretty knock, but boy, Stokes – faced with insurmountable odds, put on an incredible performance to hang in there and save the test. Lots of people debating/arguing as to whether this was the ‘greatest’ (English) test. Not sure it was personally. But in terms of best run chase and best knock to keep a series alive, this session will take some beating. Love it. Can’t wait for 4th test at Old Trafford.

    Ashes forever.

  7. "I've seen better batting than that".
    "as winning innings go…".

  8. Poor umpires cost Australia again.

  9. The POM crowd was fckin awesome, credit where due 🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  10. he still cant believe that the umpire didn't give that LBW

  11. Fair enough. I agree with Ricky Ponting's comments. Praise for England, but Australia haven't been in too much trouble this series. They can easily strike back. Yes, it hurts to lose and he did criticise them a bit. They had their chances. But I also agree with Geoffrey Boycott. Both teams are not great, mediocre compared to the best sides in test cricket. It's the team which makes the fewer mistakes which will win the Ashes. England just need to adopt the Boycott mindset. Don't waft at balls and stay in and wear the bowlers out. It's not rocket science. 3 runs an over is enough. Defend and defend and then punish the bad ball.

  12. Why can't the Aussies win the close games I've been watching the Ashes for well over 40 years and I reckon England have won all the close one's. It must be something in the Australian psychology that say's they have to win by a mile or not at all.

  13. Butler and Stokes are much more valuable than Smith and kohli

  14. Incredible match and the best innings I’ve ever seen. I feel for Nathan Lyon, far too much unsportsmanlike bashing of him in the press and elsewhere. The Aussies have outplayed England so far except for that incredible Stokes innings. Can’t wait for the next one.

  15. This year's world cup final match and this test match is the best and one of my favorites!
    I too can't believe it mate….🤗

  16. Ricky Ponting, a Somerset legend. His word is gospel.

  17. Ponting correct here ofc (coming from a Pom)

  18. Stokes class proper test match knock. Then unbelievable striking of the ball

  19. Ricky…
    Gary Pratt taught Stokesy the ramp shot

  20. Laboosh to opener and to put on a 300 run partnership with Smith next test.

  21. Generally mistakes, half chances, and fluked fours usually balance out. But Ben Stokes played a once in a lifetime ashes innings and the same could be said for his world cup performance. Australians i'm afraid like to chew the cud and will probably be whinging and whining for several years.😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. As an England supporter it’s great to see an Aussie great give credit for an unbelievable innings and he’s right Aus have been superior in every department so far.

  23. Ben is young Yuvaraj Singh of England

  24. Perfect description of the way Stokes batted !!!

  25. Well…..he(Stoke) is more than a Lucky guy

  26. Punter vs Eminem. That's a showdown I want to see😂

  27. He still has a dig…."i've seen better batting to be honest" really ????

  28. Any chance of you Remoaners getting the point now?

  29. Ponting very poor sportsman

  30. Only Steven Smith can save Aussie from ashes defeats

  31. .."iv seen better batting"of course you have..
    LAXMAN and DRAVID…..

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