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'I wouldn't cooperate with Adam Schiff': Giuliani | ABC News

Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, responds to whistleblower complaint on “This Week.”

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  1. Thank you Mr Giuliani for putting this little smart ass liberal progressive Clinton suck up in his place!

  2. Shut The Fuck Up George

  3. George George George… still sucking that democratic D

  4. George is an idiot with a Low IQ. Giuliani should not even waste his time showing on this show. George is still with the Clinton's pay roll.

  5. George got a bunch of our stolen tax dollars from the Clintons a while ago to be and act like a turd on National TV. What a corrupt embarrassing person he really is. Send him to Pakistan where he belongs

  6. Sorry George , you have no fucking facts !!!!!

  7. Such a dick, refuses to listen to real evidence, direct evidence. Hearsay is inadmissible in court moron.

  8. Rudy!!!, Rudy!!!, Rudy!!! Giuliani ran circles around the Clown.

  9. Funny how these lying hacks in the so-called media actually think people are buying their bullshit.

  10. Propaganda Alphabet people.

  11. George shut up !!!!!!!!!!!!! Schiff is garbage

  12. It seams all media ,and DEMON CRAPPS AREN'T SUPPID thinking they control the narrative they are on the defence ,they have nothing but desperation, panic every one is being exposed

  13. Americans can't wait until the criminals in our goverment are put in prison. American's know what sleeze balls the democrats are.

  14. George is as CORRUPT along with all the demon craps

  15. Uncle Joe is done. Bernie is out. Elizabeth Warren will lose. The Democrat House will go Republican.. Democrats are losing.
    And George has egg on his face.
    Good going Rudy.

  16. America's Mayor, still kicking ass and taking names!

  17. Every time Rudy was trying to explain his point of view George interrupted him. Then he said. "You've had plenty of time to make your case!" No he didn't; he couldn't even complete a sentence.
    What a complete ASSHOLE & Clinton tool. Good grief.

  18. Why aren't you trying to impeach Schiff?

    Hasn't he lied to Congress?

    That is a crime. Felony actually.

  19. I can feel brain cells dying trying to listen to Giuliani

  20. Only tuned in to hear Rudy. Not George Clinton.

  21. Thumbs down only because its on a fake news network. You bunch of lying bastards.

  22. Rudy is a pit bull and the dems are raw meat.

  23. So your George you dumbasses fag. You bring Rudy on and continuously interrupt him. What’s the fucking point if your not even going to listen to your guest. You sound like a shit filled broken record that’s sinking your own ship. You are also just disgustingly disrespectful you piece of shit poor excuse of a human being. Your time is quickly coming to an end just like the rest of the fake media. The deep state criminals agenda is out of the bag. You all fucked up and now no one person will trust anything you have to say. Enjoy your lack of employment bitch!🖕🏻

  24. Everytime his voice cracks he’s lyin….. smh

  25. Hey abc asshole you have to be the dumbest democrat ass kisser. This is why your bullshit media company is failing along with the rest of the loser news/media company. Nobody trust any of the fake mainstream news.

  26. A fvcking actor arguing long life attorney…

  27. ABC "News" is just another propaganda arm of the globalists with their low level minion and punk boy George Stephanopoulos doing his Master's dirty work.

  28. I really used to like Stepintomyoffice's news reporting. Now he's just another puppet of the left. WHAT A SKINNY LITTLE ARROGANT PRICK (WITH NICE HAIR) HE HAS BECOME!!! I can't wait for the left to implode … as they are very close to doing with recent revelations about Shiffty's PRE-CONTACT with the Whistleblower. I can hardly wait for the sucking sound of the VACUUM that once was the the LEFT … that is LEFT BEHIND!

  29. It’s probably just another one of life’s weird coincidences that a few months before the Russian government allegedly taped Donald Trump watching women urinating on each other in a Moscow hotel room, he and a Russian oligarch’s son went to a nightclub that was known for simulated golden shower routines.

  30. I wouldn’t subscribe to this channel in a million years. You are “FAKE NEWS”!. But I do admit that I enjoyed listening to one of the greatest patriots of our time waste his time talking to this dingbat George

  31. Rudy owned George to smart for georgy

  32. "Rudy Misdirection" 2019 world tour. If these dipshits had REAL evidence, this would be old news. From 9/11 mayor to Trump shill. Desperately sad little man.

  33. We believe facts over truth. Thank you mayor Giuliani

  34. that ending was so immature. i find it funny but also just sad that this is the level of communication we are at

  35. Wow Stephi! What do they have on you? Just askin for a friend. 🤔🧐😎

  36. How is media calling this a meltdown giuliani backed up everything he said

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