Saturday , January 22 2022
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ICE Arrests Raise Questions About Immigration Policy | NBC News Now

Ramon Torres, a Honduran-born U.S. citizen, says he was illegally held in jail for days because officials incorrectly suspected he was in the country illegally. This is not the first time something like this has happened. NBC News’ Katie Engelhart breaks down Torres’ story and how black and brown-skinned people tend to pay the price for ICE’s errors.
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ICE Arrests Raise Questions About Immigration Policy | NBC News Now


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  1. Build the Wall, Deport ALL illegal economic migrants. Stop human trafficking!!

  2. Msmbc come on now let's focus on people that are here legally like the many immigrants that enrich the USA no to illegal benefits….. people make choices…take ownership of your decisions zero sympathy,such a waste money when schools need money health care for those here legally is terribly underfunded…… every dollar spent on housing feeding etc of illegal residents would be better spent on services for at risk children and adults…..

  3. Sure I will believe the state news propragana news. Bite me you have lost all credibility with your haft truths

  4. It’s not fair for legal immigrants either .

  5. Thank You President Trump 👍 🇺🇸 and Thank You ICE For Just Doing Your Job 🇺🇸👍 🇺🇸

  6. Population control for the USA to many people causing climate change. Deportation keeps the damage to the environment Down, less people more automation and robotics for the labor pool.

  7. This guy had a chance to change his family name as all normal immigrants usually do when he was applying for citizenship. But he decided to stay who he is.

  8. Could it be that black and brown people with hispanic names are targeted because most illegals sneaking in the southern border are black and brown with hispanic names.🤔

  9. I'm supposed to have sympathy for a drunk driver?

  10. This is terrible how can u hold a an American Citizen unlawfully. I hope these Americans get paid for being unlawfully detained. All Americans deserve due process and a just and fair system.

  11. Canada should start treating American visitors like they treat visitors – – bet they wouldn't like it

  12. I suppose when thousands, 10s of thousands illegals are involve the police may have occasional errors on their part. I wonder how short staff that sheriff’s office is. I suppose it takes awhile to verify whether the documents are legit. What would be interesting for investigative reporters would be to look into the forging of such documents industry. Wasn’t that what was happening w/ Trump’s illegals? The illegals were able to get forged docs.

  13. ICE paranoia is Traitor Trump’s personal paranoia. GET this Monster out . TRAITOR TRUMP OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT!!!

  14. Barack Obama deported 3 million illegal immigrants,
    I would love President Donald Trump to deport 10 million illegal immigrants..

  15. Trump 2020! Deport all illegal aliens no one is above the law.

  16. This trending video subject is propaganda.


    You DONT take children on dangerous journeys across deserts or anywhere period.  It is child endangerment at fault of the parents who subject their own children to these conditions.

    Crossing into America illegally puts children at great risk and is child abuse.  WHERE ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO URINATE DEFICATE THEN WASH THEIR HANDS AFTERWARDS???  LET ALONE SLEEP AT NIGHT???


    Apply for citizenship and become an American.

    This trending video subject is propaganda

  17. Sure wish nbc had the same energy for black men locked up due to the clintons three strike law.

  18. "Share" Q Who is Q? What is the Meaning of Covfefe in Arab. Jeffery Epstein? What We Have Been Waiting For Is Coming, We Have The Ultimate Weapon – Episode 1954b

  19. The aclu cannot figure out why America gets a lot of illegal immigrants from latino countries.

  20. Stay safe ICE. Thank you for your service

  21. I love the hit or miss of uploading the NBC nightly news…
    Doesn't get to the net till six hours after broadcast, if at all..

  22. Time for us to get rid of the ACLU. The ACLU is anti-American.

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